New league, new year, same old Cal Parks.

The North Douglas senior made the Class 1A Special District 1 South all-league team on both offense and defense for the second straight year and he won the defensive player of the year award for the second time.

Quarterback JJ Neece of Mapleton was selected the offensive player of the year, while Pat Todd of Lowell was named the coach of the year.

Elkton had five players on the first team — senior offensive lineman Jase Billman, senior end Jadyn Woody, senior running back Trenton Halstead, senior defensive lineman Mark Russell and junior kicker Aaron Van Loon — and six on the second team.

North Douglas had sis players receive first-team honors at eight positions. Cal Parks at running back and linebacker, junior Tanner Parks on the offensive and defensive lines, junior tight end Jake Gerrard, senior defensive end Justin Smith, senior defensive back Killian Bond and senior utility player Levi Jentzch all received first-team honors.

Yoncalla had one first team selection, senior Dominic Aguilar as a utility player on offense. Aguilar is a four-time first-team honoree, having been selected at running back his first three years; he played both quarterback and running back this past season for the Eagles.

Class 1A Special District 1 South


First Team

Line — Jase Billman, sr. Elkton; Sebastian Garcin, sr., Lowell; Tanner Parks, jr., North Douglas. Ends — Jake Gerrard, jr., N.D.; Jadyn Woody, sr., Elk.; Brian Lemon, jr., Low. Running Backs — Caleb Parks, sr., N.D.; Trenton Halstead, sr., Elk. Utility — Dominic Aguilar, sr., Yoncalla; Michael Powell, sr., Oakridge. Quarterback — JJ Neece, soph., Mapleton.


Line — Mark Russell, sr., Elk.; Tanner Parks, jr., N.D. Ends — Taysian Williamson, jr., Low.; Justin Smith, sr., N.D. Linebackers — JJ Neece, so., Mapleton; Kasy Erwin, sr., Low.; Caleb Parks, sr., N.D. Backs — Kent McIntosh, sr., Low.; Killian Bond, sr., N.D. Utility — Levi Jentzch, sr., N.D.

Special Teams

Kicker — Aaron Van Loon, jr., Elk. Punter — Rhett Edmunds, fr., Oak. Returner — Tyson Brasfield, sr., Low.


Second Team

Line — Nate Neece, jr., Map.; Levi Jentzch, sr., N.D.; Austin Marquez, sr., Yon.; Owen Chapman, jr., Low. Ends — Tyson Brasfield, sr., Low.; Corbin Eichman, sr., Yon. Running Backs — Evan Moso, sr., Map.; Spencer Moore, sr. Elk. Utliity — Killian Bond, sr., N.D. Quaterback — Symon Thurman, sr., Low.


Line — Austin Marquez, sr., Yon.; Soni Atwood, jr., Oak.; Trace Graham, so., Yon. Ends — Gunnar Lynn, sr., Elk.; Elijah Allen, jr., Yon. Linebackers — Jace Billman, sr., Elk.; Trenton Halstead, sr., Elk.; Derrick Collins, jr., Oak.; Josiah VonDolosky, jr., Low. Backs — Dominic Aguilar, sr., Yon.; Justin Corp, sr., Low.; Austin Frieze, jr., N.D. Utility — Austin Luzier, sr., Elk.

Special Teams

Kicker — Kasey Erwin, sr., Lowell. Punter — Jeff Tibbatts, sr., Yon. Returner — Austin Luzier, sr., Elk.


Third Team

Line — Lance Corvinus, soph., Elk.; Andy Kintzley, jr., Low. Ends — Justin Smith, sr., N.D. Running Backs — Jordan Aguilar, soph., Yon.; Wyatt McDaniel, soph., N.D.; Jabaar Edwards, soph., Oak. Quarterback — Austin Luzier, sr., Elk.


Ends — Nate Neece, jr., Map.; Wyatt McDaniel, soph., N.D. Linebackers — Jake Gerrard, jr., N.D. Backs — Corbin Eichman, sr., Yon.; Mason Cox, sr., Elk. Utility — Evan Moso, sr., Map.

Special Teams

Returner — Evan Moso, sr., Map.

Honorable Mention


Quarterback — Tyler Kallinger, jr., N.D.


Utility — Joey Marino, sr., Oak.

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