North Douglas placed five players and Yoncalla two on the Class 1A Special District 1 South football all-league first team in voting done by the coaches.

Making the first-team offense for the Warriors were senior lineman Tanner Parks, junior running back Wyatt McDaniel, senior end Jake Gerrard and senior utility Austin Frieze. Named to the first-team defense were Parks on the line, McDaniel at end, Frieze as a utility player and senior Tyler Kallinger at punter.

Representing the Eagles on the first-team offense was junior placekicker Brandon Wigzell. Junior back Bryan Allen made the first-team defense.

North Douglas’ JJ Mast was selected the coach of the year.



Offensive Player of the Year — Taysian Williamson, sr., Lowell.

Defensive Player of the Year — JJ Neece, jr., Mapleton.

Coach of the Year — JJ Mast, North Douglas.


First Team — Line: Andy Kintzley, sr., Lowell; Owen Chapman, sr., Lowell; Tanner Parks, sr., North Douglas; Nate Neece, sr., Mapleton; Isaiah Mark, jr., Oakridge. Quarterback: JJ Neece, jr., Mapleton. Running Backs: Taysian Williamson, sr., Lowell; Wyatt McDaniel, jr., North Douglas. Ends: Brian Lemon, sr., Lowell; Jake Gerrard, sr., North Douglas. Utility: Austin Frieze, sr., North Douglas. Kicker: Brandon Wigzell, jr., Yoncalla. Returner: Brian Lemon, sr., Lowell.

Second Team — Line: Ian Sprinkle, jr., Yoncalla; Cedrice Vance, jr., Oakridge; Oliver Beattie, sr., Elkton. Quarterback: Bryan Allen, jr., Yoncalla. Running Backs: Derrick Cano, sr., Oakridge; Josiah VonDolosky, sr., Lowell. Ends: Tyler Davis, jr., Yoncalla; AJ Moso, jr., Mapleton. Utility: Rhett Edmunds, soph., Oakridge. Kicker: Austin Smith, soph., Lowell. Returner: JJ Neece, jr., Mapleton.

Honorable Mention — Quarterback: Odin Sinnett, soph., Lowell. Running Backs: Jordan Aguilar, jr., Yoncalla; Jabaar Edwards, jr., Oakridge; Trystn Woody, jr., Elkton; Justin Wierichs, sr., Mapleton. Ends: Josiah Larsen, soph., Oakridge; Ben Bowen, jr., Elkton. Kicker: Cody Soverns, sr., Mapleton. Returner: Austin Frieze, sr., North Douglas.


First Team — Tackles: Tanner Parks, sr., North Douglas; Carter Wendt, jr., Lowell. Ends: Wyatt McDaniel, jr., North Douglas; Taysian Williamson, sr., Lowell. Linebackers: JJ Neece, jr., Mapleton; Josiah VonDolosky, jr., Lowell; Derrick Cano, sr., Oakridge. Backs: Brian Lemon, sr., Lowell; Bryan Allen, jr., Yoncalla. Utility: Austin Frieze, sr., North Douglas. Punter: Tyler Kallinger, sr., North Douglas.

Second Team — Tackles: Cedric Vance, jr., Oakridge; Robbie Burnett, jr., Mapleton; Ian Sprinkle, jr., Yoncalla. Ends: Nate Neece, sr., Mapleton; Elijah Allen, sr., Yoncalla. Linebackers: Jake Gerrard, sr., North Douglas; Desmond Able, sr., Lowell; Jordan Aguilar, jr., Yoncalla. Backs: Justyce Wierichs, sr., Mapleton; Tyler Davis, jr., Yoncalla. Utility: Brandon Wigzell, jr., Yoncalla. Punter: Brandon Wigzell, jr., Yoncalla.

Honorable Mention — Tackles: Tayla Swearingen, jr., Elkton; Isaiah Mark, jr., Oakridge. Ends: Jabaar Edwards, jr., Oakridge; AJ Moso, jr., Mapleton; Cooper Peters, jr., Elkton. Linebackers: Kiel Briggs, sr., Elkton; Phillip Burnett, jr., Mapleton. Back: Chase Rodgers, jr., North Douglas. Punter: Nate Neece, sr., Mapleton.

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