Oakland senior linebacker Wil Powell was a second-team selection on defense in the recent Class 2A football all-state voting.

Selected to the third-team defense were Oakland junior back Corbin Picknell and Glide junior punter Brysen Dishman.

Making the third-team offense were Picknell at running back, Glide senior tight end Ethan Wilding and Glide sophomore wide receiver Colby Bucich.

Monroe senior running back Zach Young was selected as the offensive back of the year and senior Drew Lusco of Grant Union was lineman of the year. Coquille senior linebacker Caiden Yates was defensive back of the year and Lusco was named the defensive lineman of the year.

Class 2A Football All-State

Back of the Year — Zach Young, sr., Monroe.

Lineman of the Year — Drew Lusco, sr., Grant Union.

Coach of the Year — Greg Grant, Heppner.


First Team — Quarterback: Jayden Wilson, jr., Heppner. Running Backs: Zach Young, sr., Monroe; Bruce Beyer, sr., Kennedy; Caiden Yates, sr., Coquille. Receivers: Mason Lehman, sr., Heppner; Kanai Phillip, sr., Knappa; Isaiah Basargin, jr., Kennedy. Tight End: Jackson Lehman, jr., Heppner. Linemen: Camryn Biegel, jr., Kennedy; Drew Lusco, sr., Grant Union; Sam Irwin, jr., Warrenton; Tyler Voltin, jr., Regis. Kicker: Bruce Beyer, sr., Kennedy.

Second Team — Quarterback: Eli Takalo, sr., Knappa; Running Backs: Blake Wolters, jr., Heppner; Dylan Irwin, jr., Monroe; Brody Davidson, sr., Santiam. Receivers: Austin Little, sr., Warrenton; Mason McAlpine, jr., Toledo; Caden Engel, sr., Culver; Jackson Nees, sr., Regis. Tight End: Trent Bateman, soph., Monroe. Linemen: Gavin Hanna-Robinson, sr., Heppner; Jason Rae, sr., Heppner; Jaxson Goodman, sr., Knappa; Darren Parker, sr., Monroe; Kellen Grant, sr., Heppner. Kicker: Kannon Wilkins, sr., Heppner.

Third Team — Quarterback: Dylan Kleinschmidt, jr., Kennedy. Running Backs: Corbin Picknell, jr., Oakland; Cameron Miethe, jr., Knappa; Ean Smith, sr., Coquille. Receivers: Colby Bucich, soph., Glide; Tyler Thornton, sr., Reedsport; Justin Hodge, soph., Grant Union; Connor Steward, sr., Lakeview; Colby Smith, sr., Bandon. Tight End: Ethan Wilding, sr., Glide. Linemen: Cole Boen, jr., Kennedy; Zach Kissinger, sr., Coquille; Brody Little, jr., Culver; Garet Hyatt, sr., Coquille; Ryson Patterson, sr., Warrenton. Kicker: Kenzie Ramsey, sr., Warrenton.


First Team — Backs: Kanai Phillip, sr., Knappa; Bruce Beyer, sr., Kennedy; Mason Lehman, sr., Heppner; Jayden Wilson, jr., Heppner. Linebackers: Caiden Yates, sr., Coquille; Zach Young, sr., Monroe; Jason Rae, sr., Heppner; Cole Boen, jr., Kennedy; Gabe Tambellini; sr., Rogue River. Linemen: Brady Traeger, jr., Kennedy; Jaxson Goodman, sr., Knappa; Drew Lusco, sr., Grant Union; Wyatt Gustaveson, sr., Lakeview. Punter: Zach Young, sr., Monroe.

Second Team — Backs: David Reye, jr., Kennedy; Brandon Freitag, sr., Bandon; Brody Ballard, soph., Monroe; Gunner Yates, soph., Coquille. Linebackers: Wil Powell, sr., Oakland; Dylan Irwin, jr., Monroe; Jackson Lehman, jr., Heppner; Brody Davidson, sr., Santiam. Punter: Brody Little, jr., Culver.

Third Team — Backs: Corbin Picknell, jr., Oakland; Devin Hoover, jr., Knappa; Kason Cimmiyotti, Heppner; Austin Little, sr., Warrenton. Linebackers: Cameron Miethe, jr., Knappa; Jacob Morrow, sr., Warrenton; Devon Jackson, sr., Warrenton; Aiden McAuliffe, sr., Lost River; Ean Smith, sr., Coquille; Quinten Cook, sr., Santiam. Linemen: Zach Kissinger, sr., Coquille; Ryson Patterson, sr., Knappa; Tyler Voltin, jr., Regis; Sam Irwin, jr., Warrenton; Brody Little, jr., Culver. Punter: Brysen Dishman, jr., Glide.

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