Kahner Hardin shot an 85 to start his Sutherlin High School golf career Monday at the ice breaker at Bandon Crossings Golf Course.

Kahner Hardin was eight shots behind Jackson Kennon of Bandon. The freshman finished fifth and said his short game held him back against Bandon's top players.

"A top six finish is better than I anticipated," he said. "I felt rusty around the greens and scores reflected the same."

Roseburg Country Club has been closed due to damage from the winter storm. Oak Hill and Stewart Park golf courses also remained closed.

Sutherlin golfers Andrew Munsey, Josiah Murphy and Mandi Levy played their first round of golf for the Bulldogs.

"We currently have full boys and girls teams for competition in league matches, with a couple extra to fill alternate slots as well," coach Geno Hardin said. "That number could increase as well with more and more students showing interest daily."

TEAM SCORES — 1. Bandon, 354; 2. Brookings, 365; 3. Coquille, 420; 4. Oakridge, 423; 5. Marshfield, 479.

TOP 10 INDIVIDUALS — 1. Jackson Kennon, Ban, 38-39—77; 2. Alexander Schulz, Ban, 41-37—78; 3. Cameron Kime, Brook, 40-39—79; 4. Carter Borror, Coq, 42-39—81; 5. Kahner Hardin, Suth, 43-42—85; 6. Zack Walker, Brook, 46-45—91; 7. Andy Ku, NB, 45-47—92; 8. Luke Inskeep, Marsh. 50-43—93; 8. Zach Holt, NB, 46-47—93; 8. Joey Marino, Oakr, 49-44—93.

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