Hunter Agsten was missed for Roseburg’s last home swim meet Thursday against Sheldon at the YMCA of Douglas County.

The senior co-captain usually leads Roseburg’s rallying cry at the start of the meet, but on Thursday there was an awkward pause before, a much more soft-spoken, Allison Paschall took over.

“I wish I was more prepared,” Paschall said.

During home meets the four senior co-captains —Agsten, Paschall, Eden Childers and Tucker Jinkins— typically lead the team in a rally.

During the rally, the boys line up on one side of the pool, the girls on the other and the four captains stand at the swimming podiums. While walking out they slap a kickboard to a slow rhythm, and as Agsten’s rallying cry of R-H-S starts they beat the kickboards rapidly against the edge of the pool between each letter, creating an impressive display of power.

Being a co-captain of the swim team is an honor bestowed on seniors who have been selected by their coaches and teammates.

“I love my team captains,” RHS coach Christy Todd said. “They made us move forward as a team.”

This year there are very different leadership styles.

Christy Todd described Paschall and Childers as “passive, but persuasive.”

“For both of us, we do not really yell,” Paschall said, trying to explain what the coach meant. “I think people respond better when we calmly explain things. We don’t put ourselves above them.”

Jinkins describes himself as “happy go lucky, but in your face” type of leader.

Agsten was described by his co-captains as someone who sometimes pretends to be a drill sergeant, but is really a softy with a very dry sense of humor. They added he has a lot of love for his teammates, the sport and is incredibly dedicated to both.

Agsten wasn’t at the meet, because of an illness. He is expected to compete at the Southwest Conference meet on Feb. 8-9 at Willamalane in Springfield.

Team manager Elijah Norris stepped into Agsten’s spot at the podiums for the final home meet.

“It’s a sad day for me,” Paschall said. “I didn’t swim because of an injury, but I was encouraging everyone.”

Although even the encouraging was sometimes painful as she discovered when high-fiving her teammates.

“It came too quick,” coach Todd said about the final home meet. “We saved the best competition for last. These two teams are very evenly matched.”

Roseburg lost both duals. The boys fell, 89-80 and the girls lost 94-76.

But there were some individual winners for the Tribe.

In the boys’ meet, Dominic Colvin won the 200 individual medley in 2:11.03 and the 100 breaststroke in 1:09.12, Logan Todd won both the 100 free (53.63) and the 50 free (23.16), and Rainey Lambert finished first in the 100 back (1:02.12).

Roseburg also won the 200 free relay in 1:34.20 with Trevor Knox, Lambert, Colvin and Todd. The same foursome also took the top spot in the 400 free relay (3:33.90).

The girls also won both of their relays. In the 200 free relay, Bethany Foster, Paschall, Libbey Ketchum and Brighid Rickman raced to first place in 1:52.46. The same four won the 400 free in 4:02.09.

Foster won the 200 free (2:08.58) and 500 free (5:51.27) and Rickman won the 50 free in 26.33.

Carsyn Cole-Gibson and Sheldon’s Elizabeth Mozan tied for first in the girls 100 free in 1:08.95.

“We had a stomach bug go through the team, so these were probably not the best times,” coach Todd said. “I’m happy we got to try some different things and all our JV swimmers got to swim today.”

During intermission, parents and seniors lined up and received a round of applause and gifts and flowers from their parents.

At the end of the meet Paschall handed coach Todd a bouquet of flowers.

“We love our coach. She’s awesome,” Paschall said, adding that the hours Christy Todd puts in, her positive attitude an her overall demeanor helped Paschall stay dedicated to swimming throughout high school.


Sheldon 89, Roseburg 80

200 MEDLEY RELAY — 1. Sheldon (Carnevale, Routley, Iboa, Mullikin), 1:54.40; 2. Sheldon (Mozan, Lee, Reynolds, Bang), 2:01.22; 3. Roseburg (Castle, Callanchu-Bernal, Larson, McGinnis), 2:02.00. 200 FREE — 1. Abraham Iboa, S, 1:56.95; 2. Trevor Knox, R, 1:58.01; 3. Rainey Lambert, R, 2:09.32. 200 IM — 1. Dominic Colvin, R, 2:11.03; 2. Gabriel Carnevale, S, 2:17.70; 3. Spencer Reynolds, S, 2:26.19. 50 FREE – 1. Logan Todd, R, 23.16; 2. Henri Holub, S, 24.78; 3. Elijah Routley, S, 25.77. 100 FLY — 1. Seth Mullikin, S, 55.33; 2. Abraham Iboa, S, 58.90; 3. Trevor Knox, R, 1:02.25. 100 FREE — 1. Logan Todd, R, 53.63; 2. Henri Holub, S, 55.44; 3. Spencer Reynolds, S, 56.97. 500 FREE — 1. Seth Mullikin, S, 5:25.93; 2. Gabriel Carnevale, S, 5:36.46; 3. Benjamin Steffensen, R, 5:57.06. 200 FREE RELAY — 1. Roseburg (Knox, Lambert, Colvin, Todd), 1:34.20; 2. Sheldon (Lee, Holub, Mozan, Bang), 1:47.01; 3. Sheldon (Ordonario, Reyes-Evans, Mozan, McKenney), 1:56.38. 100 BACK — 1. Rainey Lambert, R, 1:02.12; 2. Sam Carson, S, 1:05.00; 3. Kai Castle, R, 1:08.09. 100 BREAST — 1. Dominic Colvin, R, 1:09.12; 2. Elijah Routley, S, 1:13.44; 3. Kevin Callanhu-Bernal, R, 1:18.15. 400 FREE RELAY — 1. Roseburg (Todd, Lambert, Knox, Colvin), 3:33.90; 2. Sheldon (Mullikin, Carnevale, Holub, Iboa), 3:35.33; 3. Sheldon (Routley, Reynolds, Zerr, Larson), 3:54.82.


Sheldon 94, Roseburg 76

200 MEDLEY — 1. Sheldon (Liv, Brown, Duhaime, Opdahl), 2:00.58; 2. Sheldon (Corbett, Scott, Cervanes-Frank, Ford); 3. Roseburg (Shirakawa, M. Childers, E. Childers, Blum), 2:14.66. 200 FREE — 1. Bethany Foster, R, 2:08.58; 2. Libbey Ketchum, R, 2:09.94; 3. Hannah Doan, S, 2:12.76. 200 IM — 1, Hope Duahime, S, 2:24.38; 2. Sarara Shirakawa, R, 2:40.64; 3. Abby Scott, S, 2:42.38. 50 FREE — 1. Brighid Rickman, R, 26.33; 2. Ellison Opdahl, S, 28.20; 3. Emily Blum, R, 29.09. 100 FLY — 1. Sarah Brown, S, 1:00.10; 2. Lanie Liv, S, 1:05.71; 3. Valentina Cervantes-Frank, S, 1:07.44. 100 FREE — T1. Carsyn Cole-Gibson, R, 1:08.95; T1. Elizabeth Mozan, S, 1:08.95; 3. Miriam Childers, R, 1:09.28. 500 FREE — 1. Bethany Foster, R, 5:51.27; 2. Sophia Ranck, S, 5:51.81; 3. Libbey Ketchum, R, 5:57.47. 200 FREE RELAY — 1. Roseburg (Foster, Paschall, Ketchum, Rickman), 1:52.46; 2. Sheldon (Cervantes-Frank, Duhaime, Opdahl, VDW), 1:53.46; 3. Roseburg (M. Childers, Mannen, Cole-Gibson, Lemert), 2:04.70. 100 BACK — 1. Lanie Liv, S, 1:04.09; 2. Brighid Rickman, R, 1:07.09; 3. Hope Duhaime, S, 1:09.12. 100 BREAST — 1. Ellison Opdahl, S, 1:17.52; 2. Sarara Shirakawa, R, 1:18.72; 3. Sarah Brown, S, 1:18.75. 400 FREE RELAY — 1. Roseburg (Ketchum ,Rickman, Paschall, Foster), 4:02.09; 2. Sheldon (Doan, VDW, Liv, Ford), 4:07.02; 3. Sheldon (Mozan, Ranck, Jenkins, Utley), 4:45.12.

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