Gwen Bartlett hasn’t had to venture too far this spring to find the rest of her family after regular hours at Roseburg High School.

Gwen, 48, is in her second year as the Tribe’s head track and field coach. Bill Bartlett, her husband, is in his first year of coaching the pole vaulters. Their children, Hannah, 18, and Jackson, 14, are members of the team.

Gwen is a social studies teacher and Bill, 48, teaches science at RHS. He formerly was an assistant principal at Roseburg, and was the principal at Melrose Elementary and Jo Lane Middle School.

“The two of us have worked in the school system for 20 years,” Gwen Bartlett said. “We taught together here at the high school for a while and he was the assistant principal while I was a teacher. The transition has been fine, we’re used to working together.

“We balance each other out well. He’s professional, and is a great addition to the staff.”

Bill Bartlett, a 1989 graduate of RHS, was once a member of the track team — a pole vaulter, by the way.

“It has been great,” he said. “It’s fun to connect with the kids outside the classroom, be competitive again and spend some time with my family, too. It’s something we all enjoy together.

“It’s pretty much business as usual on the track. Family time’s at home. Here, it’s about treating every athlete and getting them prepared and helping them get better.”

Hannah Bartlett, a senior, is wrapping up her final high school track season. She’ll compete in the long jump on the first day of the Southwest Conference district meet Thursday at Sheldon High in Eugene and will be in the high jump Saturday.

“It’s pretty spread out,” said Hannah, a 4-point student and valedictorian who will major in business communications at Arizona State University. “I can find my mom because she has a pretty loud voice. I’m always over here ... she’s always over there, my dad’s over there and my brother’s anywhere.

“(My parents) have both been my teachers, my dad’s been my principal. I’m used to it — it’s not bad.”

Jackson Bartlett, a freshman with a 3.5 GPA, competed in the SWC junior varsity meet last Friday. He competed in the 100 meters, high jump and pole vault.

“It certainly is a family affair,” Gwen Bartlett said with a smile. “We always know where our kids are. They’re out here with us and it’s nice to be able to coach your kids. This is the first and last time all of us are together (in track).

“One of the things that’s nice is we all have the same schedule. We have an opportunity to support our children and other people’s children. That’s what you do as a coach, you always support people’s kids.

“Sometimes it can be a challenge because there are times I might even be harder on my kids as a coach — with certain expectations and certain role modeling. I try to make sure I’m equitable as possible with my kids and everyone else’s kids.”

Gwen and Bill, who met when they were students at the University of Oregon, will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on Aug. 20.

Hannah Bartlett, an all-conference volleyball player the last two years, sent a little rib her mother’s way.

“This is my dad’s first year (with the track program), so it’s different just having him out here,” Hannah said. “My mom’s more high maintenance. Dad’s more low maintenance, so they balance each other.

“I’m sure she’ll love that I said that,” Hannah added with a grin.

Bill Bartlett says this season has been a special experience.

“It’s pretty cool,” he said. “I’m sure this will be something I’ll always remember and appreciate. It’ll be sad seeing Hannah go, but at least I had the opportunity to be out here with her, Jackson and Gwen.”

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