The team of Alex Palm and Ben Grieb prevailed in a three-way battle in the First Flight gross division and came away the winner on the final day of the 40th annual Abby’s/Budweiser/Pepsi Chapman Invitational golf tournament Sunday at Roseburg Country Club.

Palm and Grieb finished with a two-day score of 135, two strokes ahead of Neal Brown and Brian Winter.

In First Flight net, the brother duo of Steve and Rob Perkins kept their lead and won with a score of 125.

In Second Flight gross, Curtis Wagoner and Ryan Bauman took first at 156. There was a first-place tie in Second Flight net, with Glen and Shane Mitchell and Russ Noah and David Davis each finishing at 134.

Mike and Clayton Reinhart captured the Third Flight gross title at 171. The teams of Ralph Buono and Curt Sandfort and Ryan Thomas and Pat Dunn shared the Third Flight net crown at 132.

In Ladies gross play, the teams of Nora Eaton and Anita Wicks and Linda Edwards and Mickey Jarvis shared first at 163. Kris Kelso and Patty Grieb won Ladies net at 147.

Tom Kolberg and Kermit Reich rolled to the Senior gross championship with a score of 145. Ron Doan and Neil Hummel won the Senior net title at 128.

Final Results

First Flight

Gross — 1. Alex Palm-Ben Grieb, 135; 2. Neal Brown-Brian Winter, 137; 3. Kyle Hudson-Mark Guistina, 142; 4. Jeff Anderson-Jeff Richardson, 143.

Net — 1. Steve Perkins-Rob Perkins, 125; 2. (tie) Brett Smith-Bryon Smith, Jeff Brown-Bill Endicott and Gabe Watson-Kipp Archambault, 132.

Second Flight

Gross — 1. Curtis Wagoner-Ryan Bauman, 156; 2. Thurman Bell-Ed Eaton, 163; 3. Gordon Groshong-Tom Rauch, 166; 4. Rich Olson-Danny Olson, 168.

Net — 1. (tie) Glen Mitchell-Shane Mitchell and Russ Noah-David Davis, 134; 3. Mike Springer-Pat Sullivan, 135; 4. Doug Feldkamp-Nic Feldkamp, 137.

Third Flight

Gross — 1. Mike Reinhart-Clayton Reinhart, 171; 2. Frank Seal-Greg Byrne, 175; 3. Kelly Davidson-Derek Davidson, 176; 4. (tie) John Hinderman-Ron Younglund and Stan Mead-Dan Bain, 177.

Net — 1. (tie) Ralph Buono-Curt Sandfort and Ryan Thomas-Pat Dunn, 132; 3. Jim Fox-Bentley Mooney, 136; 4. John Michelson-Brian Thompson, 137.

Ladies Division

Gross — 1. (tie) Nora Eaton-Anita Wicks and Linda Edwards-Mickey Jarvis, 163; 3. Linda Fox-Mary Cooper, 201.

Net — 1. Kris Kelso-Patty Grieb, 147; 2. Mari Woodruff-Vise Westbrooks, 151; 3. Megan Sinclair-Sara Major, 156.

Senior Division (over 65)

Gross — 1. Tom Kolberg-Kermit Reich, 145; 2. Bob Harrell-Dan Dixon, 152; 3. Rick Holland-Hap Huffman, 168.

Net — 1. Ron Doan-Neil Hummel, 128; 2. Ken Linden-Ray Naredo, 131; 3. Marc Hause-Larry Balding, 136


Bill Evens, Josh Stults, Neil Hummel, Hap Huffman, Anita Wicks, Bill Schuyler, Mickey Jarvis, Brian Thompson, John Noel.

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