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Cattle, sheep and goats spend their days grazing among Douglas County fields, but eventually many of them are shipped north to be sold at the Eugene Livestock Auction. Some small-scale livestock owners might not have enough animals to enter in the auction, so they came up with the idea of se…

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Ray Allen Benzel, formally of Yoncalla, OR, passed away peacef…

Eric Hanson, age 23, was born June 1, 1994, in Springfield, Or…

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I think a lot of variables all line up when terrible things happen. I am reminded of bad outcomes in the hospital. When a malpractice event occurs, the investigation nearly always reveals a series of unlikely events that happen coincidentally to lead to the mistake. There is layer after laye…

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An AR-15 semiautomatic rifle has again been used in the senseless slaughter of school children. These weapons must be banned as they once were.

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Mr. Birchard from Lodi, California, in a letter published in The News-Review on Feb. 14, explained that his father had been a patient in the memory care unit at the VA Roseburg Healthcare System. He gave high praise to the employees, but believed that news articles had painted them with a br…

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Any parent goes through that certain age where it seems every other word out of their child is, “Why?” Thanks to Google, we can usually come up with answers. I don’t know how they did it before Siri. My eldest daughter has even reached a point where she doesn’t completely believe me until I …

  • ALISHA ROEMELING The Register-Guard
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EUGENE — To Julia Scher, a freshman at South Eugene High School, the school’s team name, the Axemen, represents “all the ways in which girls are considered second at our school.”

  • By JULIE PACE AP Washington Bureau Chief
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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump will herald a robust economy and push for bipartisan congressional action on immigration in Tuesday's State of the Union address, as he seeks to rally a deeply divided nation and boost his own sagging standing with Americans.