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Dr. Donald Elgin Bailey passed away March 20, 2018, at his hom…

Joyce Lorraine Wait passed peacefully in her sleep into her ne…

  • The Oregonian
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Educational leaders routinely bemoan the measly length of Oregon’s school year, one of the shortest in the country. They lament that Oregon students receive a year’s less education by the time they graduate from high school than their counterparts in Washington state.

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I am a parent of three students in the Oakland School District, and I also serve on the school board. I am excited to support the district's bond measure. Oakland School District is proud to boast an average 96 percent graduation rate, our students exceed state standards when tested and OHS …

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This letter is to express full support for Brandy Stone who is running for Douglas County Commissioner, position 2. You might be thinking her effort is an exercise in futility against the current commissioner. Brandy does not see it that way. She sees her campaign as a way to get some import…

DC Family Blog

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I asked a friend of mine who is from Ireland about St. Patrick’s Day. She told me that growing up they really didn’t celebrate it — the holiday is a much bigger deal here in the United States, and actually still sparks some controversy in Ireland.

  • RICH PEDRONCELLI and JANIE HAR The Associated Press
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RANCHO TEHAMA RESERVE, Calif. — A school secretary at a tiny elementary school rushed out to shoo children inside. A custodian swooped in, yelling, “Get into the classrooms,” at kids in the play yard.