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This letter is to express full support for Brandy Stone who is running for Douglas County Commissioner, position 2. You might be thinking her effort is an exercise in futility against the current commissioner. Brandy does not see it that way. She sees her campaign as a way to get some import…

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The article about a man who has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for trafficking 40 pounds of methamphetamine is a head scratcher regarding the light sentence for a crime that goes well beyond the small amount of drugs penalty, as contained in current Oregon law ( Section 19 of ORS 137.633).

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With all the mass shootings going on around us, are we supposed to just ignore someone who is openly carrying an assault-style weapon in a public area (The News-Review, March 17, 2018)? Should we call 911? Should we run away just in case? What’s the difference between William Eifert standing…

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I asked a friend of mine who is from Ireland about St. Patrick’s Day. She told me that growing up they really didn’t celebrate it — the holiday is a much bigger deal here in the United States, and actually still sparks some controversy in Ireland.

  • RICH PEDRONCELLI and JANIE HAR The Associated Press
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RANCHO TEHAMA RESERVE, Calif. — A school secretary at a tiny elementary school rushed out to shoo children inside. A custodian swooped in, yelling, “Get into the classrooms,” at kids in the play yard.