Patrons interested in journal articles, research information, school resources and more can find valuable content through online databases.

These resources, made possible by the State Library of Oregon, are available to everyone in the state. No library card is required; simply go to to get started.

The home page displays broad topics such as History, Fine Arts and Science. I often start with General Onefile because, as the name indicates, it covers a lot of subjects. I always go directly to the Advanced Search option to hone in on particular dates, create multiple search terms or choose a specific journal.

Note that resources are available in Spanish. Start by clicking on Spanish in the left-hand column.

Many articles are text only, meaning the result is not a picture of the article as it originally appeared in its journal. All of the words are there, however, and the article can be downloaded, emailed, printed or sent to the cloud on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

One of my favorite features is Source Citation, which automatically creates article citations in popular formats such as APA and MLA that can be copy and pasted directly into research papers. Those of us who have struggled to generate a bibliography from scratch know just how valuable this is.

Many newspapers also are available through this resource. From the start page, select Newspapers in the left-hand column. Click on Gale Onefile News, and select “Go to Publication Search.” Search for a specific title, or click “List All Publications” to browse the list of all 3500 options.

As an example, a select number of current USA Today text-only articles are available. The same is true of international newspapers such as The Times of London. Perhaps more valuable are the searchable archives, including Eugene’s Register-Guard from 2001 through 2018.

Back at the Newspapers page is a link to Historic Oregon Newspapers, a searchable database of select titles from 1846 through 2017. It includes the Douglas Independent from 1878 through 1884, the Roseburg Review from 1885 through 1889 and the Plaindealer from 1895 through 1905. Browsing and advanced search options are available, and the results appear as scans of the actual newspaper.

Finally, one other database I use is Books and Authors. I especially like the Book List of Award Winners, which compiles awards both popular and obscure in a one-stop shop. I also enjoy browsing because clicking on a book cover usually reveals a brief synopsis of the book, and often readalikes with titles new to me are provided.

Library staff is available to help navigate these databases and assist with your information needs by email at or phone at 541-492-7050.

Kris Wiley is the director of the Roseburg Public Library. She can be reached at or 541-492-7051.

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