Umpqua Valley Arts believes that the arts are essential to a healthy and vibrant community. This community nonprofit serves Douglas County community members through art education, gallery exhibits, special events and more.

Behind the doors of its iconic brick building on Harvard, the arts center offers a unique place for every single person in our community to belong.

Umpqua Valley Arts is a vital creative resource at the cultural core of Douglas County. From diverse programming to community events and outreach, to expanding course offerings and leading arts education support, UVA continually provides a nurturing environment for artists of all ages and skill levels to grow in their creative journey.

UVA believes that absolutely every person in our community is an artist and has creative energy to explore. No matter who you are, what your age, where you are at in your creative journey, you belong and have a place at Umpqua Valley Arts.

UVA partners with local artists and schools and provides arts education and creative opportunities for all youth in our community. They bring over 18,000 hands-on art experiences to students every year, rounding out their academic education with art education not usually provided in their schools.

These experiences are crucial to developing creativity and innovation, encouraging self-expression and developing critical thinking skills. These life skills are immeasurable yet essential building blocks for every child to learn to become active, creative and skilled members of the community.

“We focus on teaching skills as opposed to creating products,” said UVA Arts in Education Director Renee Richardson. “It is our hope that the art experiences and opportunities we provide will encourage skill development essential to all sectors of life, work, career and community.”

Arts education also plays a critical role as we look to the future. Creative experiences and arts education help shape and cultivate confident, creative and innovative young adults to become the next generation of leaders, employees and citizens of Douglas County.

UVA provides the space and opportunity for arts appreciation, participation and education for today’s students to grow into tomorrow’s leaders. From workshops to thought-provoking exhibits, there is a place for everyone to learn and grow at Umpqua Valley Arts.

UVA provides a home for people of all ages to grow in their creative journeys and is proud to be the heartbeat for culture and art in the beautiful Land of the Umpqua Valley.

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