Windy Bay Books and More is stuffed full of treasures, from used books to the stories, toys and artworks created by local artists and writers.

Izzy Pescadero took over the store last summer. It was a comeback of sorts for her, following a difficult time in her life. And a comeback for a store she loved and didn’t want to see close.

Despite having grown up in Coos Bay, Brookings and Roseburg, Pescadero said she never visited Winchester Bay as a child. When she discovered it as an adult, she fell in love with it. She worked at Crabby’s Bar & Grill there and went out on a boat, fishing for tuna. She described herself as a fishmonger.

But then tragedy struck. She was badly beaten by a boyfriend and wound up having to have surgery on her back. She turned for solace to one of her oldest loves: reading.

Reading had long been a balm for Pescadero in difficult times. A foster kid in her youth, she had turned to books as an escape.

“It was like a lot better to just lose myself into a book and into art than face real life,” she said. “And it’s a positive way to do it. It definitely made me smarter, and I feel like I have a lot to talk about with people.”

While working as a fishmonger, she had been saving money for either a house or a boat to live on, but she also knew the former owners of the bookstore were struggling to pay the electric bill.

Suddenly, she saw a way to save the store and to have a comeback of her own.

“I loved the bookstore, and so I bought her inventory and worked out a deal with the owner of the building to start buying it,” she said.

Pescadero took over as owner in July 2019. She was recuperating from surgery and at the same time beginning to gather local authors and artists whose work she wanted to feature in her store. Her store now carries work from about 30 of them.

Pescadero is an artist herself. She draws and works with pottery and wire, and has recently taken up painting with acrylics.

“What better job is there than to be waiting for customers and dealing with people who love what you love, and working on your art at the same time?” she said.

One of her favorite subjects is mermaids, a theme that fits well into the store’s setting. The bookstore sits right on the bay, giving customers a chance to sip coffee, read and look out at the water. Some days, they can hear local authors speak or join a drum circle.

In addition to the books by local authors, the store is packed with used books of every description.

“I’ve got biography, history, sociology, poetry, murder mystery and mayhem, classic literature, romance novels, you name it I’ve got a spot for just about everything,” Pescadero said.

Treasures dotted throughout the store include hobby horses with dragon and triceratops heads, finger puppets, beanies shaped into animal heads, teacups with succulent plants, ceramics, crocheted wall hangings and more.

She offers bibles, too, but she doesn’t sell them. She just gives them away.

She said she hopes when customers come into her store, they enjoy it as much as she does.

“I want them to feel relaxed. I want them to smell beauty. There’s so much art, I want them to feel comfortable and happy,” she said.

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Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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