The Douglas County Clerk’s office issued the following licenses on Aug. 12 through Aug. 16.

Angela Marie Maddux, 39, and Christopher Thomas Hubbard, 43, both of Roseburg, Aug. 12.

Lillyth Ann Bennett, 28, and Willieam Dean Martineau, 32, both of Roseburg, Aug. 12.

Ashley Nicole Norris, 21, and Frank Allen Renn III, 27, both of Winston, Aug. 12.

Keisha Louise Rico, 45, and Jason Bud Smith, 46, both of Roseburg, Aug. 12.

Jennifer Ann Vause, 37, and Tyler Bryce Stinnett, 32, both of Roseburg, Aug. 12.

Sean Marie Wilson, 26, and Jason Harold Blum, 32, both of Reedsport, Aug. 12.

Joanna Marie Bell, 50, and Alan Eugene Monasmith, 59, both of Roseburg, Aug. 13.

Tara Irene Foley, 30, and Johnny Lee Duck, 49, both of Sutherlin, Aug. 13.

Shelby Cheyenne Sias, 20, and Michael Daven Duval, 24, both of Yoncalla, Aug. 13.

Lillian Elizabeth Johnson, 19, and Nikolas Herbert Eyler, 19, both of Roseburg, Aug. 14.

Norma Eilene Dykstra, 63, and Stephen Tommy Gregg, 62, both of Camas Valley, Aug. 14.

Heather Ann Telford, 45, and David Christopher Clark, 45, both of Roseburg, Aug. 15.

Errin Danielle Trujillo, 31, and Niclas Wayne Ware, 33, both of Roseburg, Aug. 15.

Michelle Rose Lee Vigue, 26, and Christopher Paul Nelson, 28, both of Roseburg, Aug. 15.

Anselmo Barrios, 48, and Eduwiges Flores, 50, both of Roseburg, Aug. 16.

Kiera Marie Mounts, 26, and Jonathan Matthew Douglas, 29, both of Roseburg, Aug. 16.

Lindy Marie Huff, 22, and Ryan Scott Richmond, 24, both of Roseburg, Aug. 16.

Shayla Ileah Wisbey, 20, and Damon Kyler George, 21, both of Sutherlin, Aug. 16.

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