The Douglas County Clerk’s office issued the following licenses Aug. 20 to Aug. 31, 2018.

Carli Marie Freeman, 30, of Roseburg, and John Robert Wade, Williston, North Dakota, Aug. 20.

Kelly Dorthea Murphy, 46, and Richard Ronald Christian Jr., both of Roseburg, Aug. 20.

Chelsea Sue Smith, 23, and James Allen Hays, 28, both of Glendale, Aug. 20.

Marcia Jane Wilson, 65, and Steven Paul Van Bibber, 60, both of Days Creek, Aug. 20.

Travis Gerald Parker, 38, and Susanne Pauline Paddock, 32, both of Roseburg, Aug. 21.

Keri Lynn Steele, 29, and Alex Nathan Cook, 31, both of Roseburg, Aug. 21.

Jace Alan Beck, 18, and Kaitlyn Marie Antoinette Hamshar, 17, both of Roseburg, Aug. 22.

Charity Donn Scherer, 27, and Evan Russell Hooker, 26, both of Reedsport, Aug. 22.

Sharon Keiko Green, 26, of Roseburg, and Micah Paul Losee, 24, of Winston, Aug. 23.

McKenzie Louise Middleton, 20, and Ryan Christopher Toscano, 23, both of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Aug. 23.

Tyler Gene Clark, 27, and Kristen Leann Miller, 27, both of Roseburg, Aug. 24.

Hannah Marie Elkins, 20, and Kenneth Peter Shaull, 20, both of Tenmile, Aug. 27.

Jesilyn DeLaney Risk, 25, and Jason Lynn Troxel, 30, both of Roseburg, Aug. 27.

Summar Breeze Furlow, 22, and Trevor Jordan Clemo, 28, both of Roseburg, Aug. 28.

Stephanie Kim Holbert, 30 and Spencer Grant Kibbel, 28, both of Roseburg, Aug. 28.

Jenna Leann Rhoy, 23, and Marcus David Kirchert, 25, both of Roseburg, Aug. 28.

Patrick David Atchinson, 57, and Sonya Marie Wheeler, 48, both of Roseburg, Aug. 30.

Mitchel Cary Ross, 53, and Candice Rae Weaver, 37, both of Myrtle Creek, Aug. 31.

Tyler William Wiprud, 23, and Victoria Jean Prawitz, 23, both of Roseburg, Aug. 31.

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