The Douglas County Clerk’s office issued the following licenses July 2 to July 6, 2018.

Todd Ray Hoyle, 39, and Rose Marie Watson, 28, both of Sutherlin, July 2.

Justin Blake Johnson, 23, and Renae Jade Schofield, 23, both of Roseburg, July 2.

Brandon Devin Keen, 32, and Bobbie Lynn Merritt, 46, both of Myrtle Creek, July 2.

Krista Cole Kelley, 36, and Kenneth George Layfield, 45, both of Winston, July 2.

Travis James Lloyd, 29, and Natisha Andrea Bartley, 26, both of Sutherlin, July 2.

Nathan William Bonner, 23, and Katrina Katherine Bernice Davies, 22, both of Roseburg, July 3.

Alexander Anthony Hartzell, 23, of Days Creek, and Stephanie Jeanne Behrmann, 24, of Albany, July 3.

Benjamin Lee Hervey, 22, and Josie Nicole Humbert, 22, both of Roseburg, July 5.

Timothy Scott Munyon, 52, and Viola Margret Kingry, 54, both of Roseburg, July 5.

Kevin Alexander Wene’, 21, and Danielle Lee Risley, 21, both of Roseburg, July 5.

Michael Anthony Clement, 28, and Arianna Nikol Mendenhall, 26, both of Idleyld Park, July 6.

Brandon Kenneth Halter, 24, of Glide, and Taylor Marie Dutton, 23, of Winchester, July 6.

Phillip Larrie Mason, 47, of Central Point, and Jennelle Renee Ralston, 42, of Roseburg, July 6.

Scott Michael Redcay, 41, and Lisa Kathryn Jones, 42, both of Sutherlin, July 6.

Amber Nichole Seals, 23, and Joshua Loren Howell, 22, both of Sutherlin, July 6.

Kelsey Grace Warren, 23, and Ryan Edward Peace, 21, both of Winston, July 6.

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