The Douglas County Clerk’s office issued the following licenses on July 15 to July 19, 2019.

Delanie Jade Cantrell, 23, and Joseph Robert Hanson, 23, both of Roseburg, July 15.

Sloan Eve Nelson, 32, and Martin James Campbell, 31, both of Glide, July 15.

Rebecca Elizabeth Todd, 38, and Valman Wallace Miller, 38, both of Roseburg, July 15.

Hannah Elizabeth York, 21, of Glide and Grant William Laiblin IV, 20, of Harrisburg, Oregon, July 15.

Alejandra Michele Donat-Avelos, 29, and Christian James Romero-Madden, 28, both of Roseburg, July 16.

Sarah Elizabeth Hadwen, 40, and Douglas Lee Walton, 46, both of Roseburg, July 16.

Alauna Caitlin O’Brien, 24, and Mitchell Leon Bowen, 26, both of Elkton, July 17.

Breanne Elizabeth Epperson, 22, and Kyle Jeffrey Westbrooks, 23, both of Myrtle Creek, July 18.

Shelby Nicole Foley, 24, of Roseburg, and Andrew Marcus Beattie, 25, of Sutherlin, July 19.

Samantha Kathleen Couey, 25, and Cody Ray Kilgore, 28, both of Myrtle Creek, July 19.

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