Roseburg graduate named as Fulbright scholar


Jordan “Bruno” Gegenhuber, a 2012 Roseburg High School graduate and co-valedictorian, has recently been named a Fulbright scholar.

A college senior today, Gegenhuber is graduating this month from Pacific University in Forest Grove with a major in biology. He will be awarded a 2016 -’17 Fulbright United States Student Award to Germany.

In Germany, Gegenhuber plans to work with the Neurobiology of Alcoholism team at the University of Erlangen to research the relationship between adult alcoholism and prenatal sex hormone exposure.

“Last summer, I was awarded through a German cultural exchange program a three-month grant to assist in a medical research project at the same university in Erlangen, Germany,” Gegenhuber said.

His new team plans to research the role of “μ-opioid receptor 1” to assist scientists in understanding the mechanism of addiction pathogenesis, which could lead to new alcoholism treatment strategies.

“Getting awarded the highly-coveted Fulbright scholarship now is important because I get to continue with this medical research that I started last year at a much higher level and greater depth, and at the same time have the opportunity of living in and being immersed in the German cultural experience for an entire year,” Gegenhuber said.

While attending college, Gegenhuber minored in creative writing and was assistant editor of the university’s Silk Road Review literary magazine. In 2014, he received a scholarship from the Oregon NASA Space Consortium. Gegenhuber has also been a seven-time Dean’s List honoree at PU. He is the son of Gerry and Cathy Gegenhuber of Roseburg.

“Bruno has worked hard in everything he’s done since pre-kindergarten, whether its been academics, sports, community volunteering or other things, and always applies himself 110 percent,” Gerry Gegenhuber said. “He’s self-motivated, and more than that, he has a kind heart and has done a ton of community volunteering on his own over the years.”

Bruno Gegenhuber’s parents find it gratifying to see their son rewarded with the Fulbright Award, culminating with Bruno becoming what they believe is a complete person as well as an outstanding student, which includes his working hard and giving back to the community.

“We’re also happy he has a chance to live in a foreign country for a year and gets the opportunity to pursue his dream of working in medical research — we couldn’t be prouder of him,” Gerry Gegenhuber said.

Bruno Gegenhuber’s future plans include attending graduate school and pursuing a doctorate degree in medical research, then continuing in the medical research field.

Founded by U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946, the Fulbright Scholar Program today is sponsored by the U. S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

It provides scholarships for the international educational exchange of scholars, instructors, professionals, scientists and artists. The program also gives U.S. citizens scholarships to study and work abroad, while giving people from other countries the opportunity to participate here. The program aims to increase mutual understanding between the U.S. and other countries through intellectual exchange.

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