The Bureau of Land Management has released its Environmental Assessment for proposed fire recovery activities on BLM-administered lands that burned in the Archie Creek Fire last September.

Information on the assessment and the opportunity to ask questions about it will be available at an open house BLM has scheduled for 9-11 a.m. Thursday at the Swiftwater Day Use Area. BLM staff will be present to answer questions.

A visit to a burn area for those interested will leave the Swiftwater area shortly after 11 a.m. and return no later than 1 p.m.

The Environmental Assessment analyzes the potential environmental effects of salvage harvesting timber in fire-affected stands and removing hazard trees along roadways and near private and BLM-developed facilities.

The EA is available on BLM’s ePlanning website by searching for DOI-BLM-ORWA-R040-2021-0001-EA, or at the following link

At this time, no decisions for implementing the activities analyzed in the Environmental Assessment have been made. An unsigned Finding of No Significant Impact is located on the BLM’s ePlanning site in addition to the Environmental Assessment. The authorized official must approve the impact statement before signing any decision record(s) that authorize implementing the proposed actions.

In order to recover the economic value from the timber before the wood deteriorates, the BLM has specific management direction to conduct timely harvest of salvage timber on certain, designated BLM-administered lands. Additionally, the BLM has management direction to remove trees that are a hazard to people and/or infrastructure.

Comments may be submitted via email to: Please specify the project name in the subject line of the email. The BLM has extended the comment period for this Environmental Assessment and unsigned Finding of No Significant Impact to 4:30 p.m., May 10.

BLM lands within the Archie Creek Fire perimeter remain closed for public safety.

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