The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported four new cases of positive coronavirus test results, bringing the county’s total to 229 positive cases as of noon Saturday.

At present, six Douglas County residents are hospitalized due to the coronavirus, one of which is being cared for outside the area. The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported that 38 residents are currently in isolation.

The Oregon Health Authority Saturday reported 277 new confirmed and presumptive cases of the virus, bringing the state total to 32,581 positive or presumptive cases.

Four new deaths raised Oregon’s toll to 546 residents succumbing to the coronavirus. Two people in their mid-70s passed away in Marion County, both with underlying health conditions. An 84-year-old Washington County woman passed just two days after testing positive, and a 44-year-old woman from Malheur County tested positive on Sept. 21 and died on Sept. 25.

Malheur County, located in southeastern Oregon along the Idaho border, has reported 23 deaths due to COVID-19, currently the fifth-highest death toll among Oregon counties.

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Today is the second day in a row our Douglas County Commissioners have reported 4 new coronavirus cases in Douglas County, bringing the total to 233 cases and 4 deaths.

Our County Commissioners have reported Douglas County had 23 coronavirus cases and received 649 test results over the past week. Dividing 23 cases by 649 test results gives a 7-day positive test rate of 3.5% for Douglas County today.

Our County Commissioners are now blaming residents for not following guidelines as the reason for the recent increase in Douglas County coronavirus cases. County Commission Chairman Chris Boice takes no responsibility for his actions after conducting a recent anti-mask rally at the County Courthouse. He just points his finger at us residents as the problem.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 38 new coronavirus cases today and a RECORD high 421 cases and 4 deaths over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 239 new coronavirus cases and 1 death today. The 7-day positive test rate for Oregon remains at 5.7% today.


I still think we should be told the demographics of all cases....why the mystery?


Douglas County Commissioners have published numerous press releases, emails, Facebook posts and website blurbs patting themselves on the back for their fine handling of coronavirus in Douglas County. Consider these facts and judge for yourself whether our County Commissioners deserve congratulations.

There are 19 counties in Oregon that have fewer coronavirus deaths than Douglas County. 12 of those 19 counties have a greater population than Douglas County. 11 of those 19 Counties have 0 deaths. Six of those 19 counties with 0 coronavirus deaths have a greater population than Douglas County. Polk is the only county in Oregon with less population than Douglas County that has more coronavirus deaths than Douglas County.

There are 15 counties in Oregon that have fewer coronavirus cases than Douglas County. 9 of those counties have a greater population than Douglas County. Wheeler County is the only Oregon County with 0 cases.


Oregon removed from the Massachusetts travel order’s low-risk list.


With no number given for the Douglas County deaths comparing to other counties has no perspective.


When, as caring people did we lose sight that just one death meant something? It almost appears as if we’ve begun to lose our humanity after the number of zeros increases after the first number. Many people horrified by the 9/11 death count don’t even blink at nearly 210,000 U.S. lives wiped out by a disease unknown to science nine months ago. The world death toll from this virus reached seven digits today. And we just keep adding zeros to the end. All dead. It’s become so outside of our everyday life that it’s hard to grasp meaning, grasp perspective.

Absent friends and family, most people don’t even react when more zeros are added to the end. We’ve become callous and have learned to live with coronavirus deaths. It’s become acceptable. That is our new perspective.

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