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Robert Koenig puts ingredients on a trio of pizzas in 2019 at Abby’s Legendary Pizza on Northeast Stephens Street. Lone Rock Resources has purchased the pizza chain, the two companies announced Wednesday.

Abby’s Legendary Pizza has been purchased by Lone Rock Resources, according to a joint press release sent out by both companies Wednesday afternoon.

Lone Rock will purchase 100% equity ownership of the 36 pizzerias throughout Oregon and Washington, including the five Douglas County locations.

“We are very excited with this opportunity to further our commitment to this area and continue Abby’s commitment to its customers,” said Lone Rock Resources CEO Toby Luther. “We fully appreciate the long-term operation, experience, and growth of the Abby’s business. Over the past three years we’ve visited every Abby’s location and have fallen in love with the high-quality employees, loyal customers and family-oriented business model.”

The companies plan to continue Abby’s 57-year-old brand, staffing and locations.

“Their investment will take the company to even greater heights, and provide our one-thousand employees more opportunities to grow within the company,” said Mills Sinclair, one of the principal owners. “We’ve been working with Lone Rock for three years and we all believe this means Abby’s will continue to be headquartered in Roseburg for generations to come.

“This is the beginning of the next chapter of Abby’s,” Sinclair said. “I have no doubt Abby’s will continue to thrive and grow in Roseburg and throughout the Pacific Northwest, just as we have since Abby Broughton and Bob Harrell started the company in 1964.”

Lone Rock Resources is a family-owned company founded in Roseburg in 1950. Originally timber based, today the company has a variety of investments and employs over 110 in Douglas County.

Abby’s operates 36 restaurants in Oregon and Washington, with five of those in Douglas County. The restaurant was founded by Roseburg residents Broughton and Harrell. The company will celebrate its 57th anniversary this year.

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I have nothing but good thoughts about this sale based solely on being somewhat acquainted with the family. The business was successful enough to allow the Broughtons to remain in a very comfortable retirement, and the likelihood of a good inheritance for their daughters and families. This is what a successful business owner strives for and Mr. Broughton put in the hard work to achieve it. And a very long time ago he pushed me into a pool, but I deserved it. [beam]

Thomas Hall

Good to keep it local! I have always been pleased with Abby's product

and their attention to detail!


Lone Rock is a real estate company. They just bought more.


Can someone clarify what exactly these "opportunities" are? Are the employees getting raises? Are they adding positions that weren't there before? At a place like that I doubt theres a variety of ways to move up there. Typically you have people that prepare/cook the food, ones that can operate a cash register, people that do dishwashing/cleaning, and some managers. Most food places like that too, the managers are only making a couple dollars more (if even that) than the people who they oversee.


I believe that upward movement within the company means becoming a manager. Anything else probably means gaining the experience to strike out with your own business.

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