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I wouldn’t exactly call it the War of the Fitness Gyms, but it looks like two gyms are getting ready to open in South Douglas County within a few weeks — and miles — of one another.

Brandi and Leo Voepel, who own the Pacific Fitness gym in Winston and are expanding across the street from there, are also opening a new gym in downtown Myrtle Creek. They will be moving into the spot formerly occupied by Ye Olde Art Shoppe at 106 NE Oak St. They are looking to open a complete fitness center, just like the one in Winston, the first week in February.

Here is what Brandi told me:

“We’ve been trying to secure a building that was suitable for our needs in Myrtle Creek for three years as of October. We finally found it! We’ve been busy getting it ready since the first of the year with the goal of a (Monday, Feb. 3) opening date and as of now we are on track to meeting that goal!! It’s been a lot of work but the Myrtle Creek area is a great Community and we are so excited to become a part of it.”

About eight miles south, or 10 minutes by car, Shawn Garrett is planning on opening his own gym in Riddle, located at 309 Main St. (next to the Banner Bank). The planned 2,000 square foot gym is about two months from opening, Garrett said. He will initially lease the building and is still toying with a couple of names for the gym, including Hindsight and The Zone. The gym will focus on cardio, he said.

“It’s going to be a little neighborhood gym, casual and inexpensive, easy for locals to come to,” he said.


Work on Sunnyside, a live music venue going into a historic building on Jackson Street in downtown Roseburg, is running a tad behind schedule. But from what I’ve seen so far, this one-of-a-kind bar/eatery/dance hall will be well worth the wait.

Owners Daniel Thomas and Judd Louis had hoped to be close enough to finished that they could throw a New Year’s Eve party in the new place. That didn’t happen, and now the duo say a mid-March opening is more likely. There are several reasons for the delays, including the quirks of a century-old building, cutting through City Hall red tape (they had to get approval from the Historic Resource Review Commission to make some changes) and another big project falling into their lap (more on that later). But a recent walkthrough of the space shows tremendous progress — the wood floors and exposed ceiling are basically done, as is the stage, with the planned loft the main item left to construct — as well as several eye-opening surprises.

Here’s just one to chew on: Thomas and Louis somehow found three antique pianos, each dating back to the 1800s, which they are setting side-by-side-by-side. The pianos will be set so they are all the exact same height, and the tops will be covered with glass panes to form — get this — a bar.

There is also the Speakeasy they are planning for the basement – password please – but that’s for another column. Needless to say, Sunnuyside could be a game-changer for downtown Roseburg, both for its setting and its potential to bring memorable live music to the area. Well worth the wait, trust me on this one.

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