Elkton is a small town with a lot of food options. The latest is Meatloaf Burgers Plus, a new food truck on Highway 38. Michael and Julie Grigsby opened their new business at the end of May, just in time to serve some of the firefighters responding to the Mehl Creek fire a week or so later.

Michael, a Marine Corps veteran, says that after 30 years of working as a welder fabricator, he and Julie were looking for a change. They spent time as camp counselors at Tenmile Lake and lived in Bend for a while delivering newspapers, but kept coming back to the idea of owning their own business.

Michael credits Community LendingWorks of Lane County, and Easter Seals’ veteran services for helping their dream take shape. “I’m very appreciative of both organizations,” he said.

Their goal was to take a familiar meal—burger and fries—and give it a unique twist. The solution was to come up with their own seasoning blend to mix into the meat, then pairing the burger with beer-battered fries. Orders can be customized with bacon, cheese and a garlic bun, and there are kid-friendly and vegetarian-friendly options too.

According to Harvey Palmer from the Elkton RV Park, they’ve found a winning combination, not just because of the great burgers, but because of the Grigsbys’ commitment to the community. “It’s a symbiotic relationship. It helps us to have them here, and vice versa.”

The food truck is currently open every day except Wednesday and typically closes between 7 p.m. — 8 p.m., but they’re flexible. “Any business is a living entity,” said Michael, “I’ve talked with a few of the parents and students at the school about staying open late during home games. I’m more than willing to.”

Meatloaf Burgers Plus is located directly across Highway 38 from El Guerrero Azteca, and owner Gerardo Aguirre has welcomed Michael and Julie to the area, offering advice and lending tools. The two businesses are deepening Elkton’s reputation as a great lunch stop on the way to and from the coast. Other options include long-time favorites Tomaselli’s and Arlene’s in the center of town, and the seasonal student-run summer café at the Elkton Community Education Center just west of town. With choices like that, you might just want to rent a room or a spot at the RV Park and stay a few nights.

See you in Elkton!

Marjory Hamann is the executive director of the Elkton Community Education Center.

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