Welcome friends! Here in beautiful downtown Riddle spring is on the horizon. The many bulbs that were planted by volunteers last fall are pushing their way through the wet and mud; soon beautiful daffodils will be making their cheery appearance!

Thank you to all the volunteers who planted as well as those who generously donated bulbs! In a year or two Riddle will look like a large bouquet! Spoiler alert: this “reporter” happens to know there are also many colorful Iris planted around town. Be on the lookout!

Downtown Development has a couple of exciting projects in the planning and funding stages, one being a pocket park on private property between Riddle Liquor & Video and Riddle Grocery. The second project on their white board is street lamps along Main Street. As stated, these are projects in the works, planning and funding are a process!

Spring cleanup will happen in April, city workers will pick up yard debris for two weeks at the end of the month. No household garbage, tires, appliances, toxic waste, etc. If found in the piles, city workers are instructed to leave everything. They will not pick through the piles. Please respect this so that we may continue to partner with the city for the heavy lifting! Call city hall to arrange for pick-up.

In conjunction with city wide cleanup, the chamber is making arrangements for a car crusher to be on hand. Again, call city hall for arrangements to get those junkers off the streets.

We are also planning on having a metals container available that will take scrap metal as well as appliances. This service is for Riddle residents only!

A river cleanup is in the works as well, with plans to hit some of the dump sites up Cow Creek.

With COVID-19 casting clouds over all things public, Sawdust Jubilee is in a holding pattern. Plans and fundraising are loose at this time. More to follow on this front.

Spring sports are taking on a new look with football and volleyball just starting for the high school. These sports just ended for the junior high. The elementary school is hosting a Basketball Skills & Drills being hosted this month. With the new rules for no spectators, the district has hosted virtual viewing for sports thus far. It definitely isn’t the same, but it’s a great way to view the sport, have a beverage and yell at the referees all from the comfort of your home in your jammies.

Don’t forget that our restaurants (small businesses) are still open for take-out dining. Please support your locals during these trying times. We have three markets in town now with a full service just miles away.

Riddle’s 128th Birthday was well recognized with photo displays in many downtown windows, cupcakes at the Riddle Liquor & Video store as well as small tours outlined in a booklet. School children’s art work was displayed as well as happy birthday signage at the elementary school. A special display was on site at the South Umpqua Museum as well.

I can’t, in good conscience, end without mentioning the daffodils in Myrtle Creek — they have been established for several years and are quite beautiful! It’s worth the drive to come, see and compare!

Until next we meet: wear your mask, wash your hands and come visit us anytime.

Jane Mitchell is the president of the Riddle Chamber of Commerce. Contact the Chamber at RACC, PO Box 793 Riddle, OR 97469.

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