Over the last year and a half the Sutherlin community has come together to be even stronger and more vibrant than before. As the COVID-19 restrictions lightened, we saw some of the summer events that we all love and cherish come back to our community.

We held our annual country music concert that was a huge success. We had the well-known group Temecula Road as our headliner and fans from all around the state were ecstatic not just to see one of their favorite bands, but to be able to finally experience a concert again.

We also held our annual Blackberry Festival, which was another booming success. With literally dozens of events each day, it was one of the most jam-packed weekend Sutherlin has had this year.

One of the biggest attractions was the cornhole tournament, where nearly 100 teams signed up to play. Even after the festival ended, you could still see people in the parking lot playing.

The Sutherlin community is back in action and coming together to develop even more exciting events for the year to come. We love that our community not only stood together over the pandemic but came back stronger and the success of our summer events proved that.

This month we will have our classic Halloween Downtown event this year, sometimes known as Trunk or Treat. This chamber event is a fantastic way for local businesses in the Sutherlin area to promote themselves in a fun way to families in the community.

Members can setup booths next to downtown and hand out candy and swag to kids as well as come up with games and prizes. We are hoping for a big turnout this year as the COVID-19 restrictions have eased off for now.

Going into the fall season we are excited to welcome our new executive director, Morgan Leatherman. With a background in marketing and branding he is excited to boost the chamber’s infrastructure and find more opportunities for chamber members to promote their business and get involved locally.

He is focused to carry on the traditions of the former executive director as well as come up with new and unique ways businesses can come together and build each other up. He is so excited to start this new journey in a town he loves so much.

While roles may change, this community always sticks together. Though Tracy Martz is leaving her role as executive director and Tami Trowbridge has stepped down as president of the chamber, both are more committed than ever to this community, and we do not plan to see any less of them around town.

Tracy’s infectious laugh will still spread around our chamber events and Tami’s motivating personality will still fill this small town with excitement and buzz for years to come.

Morgan Leatherman is the newly appointed executive director of the Sutherlin Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center.

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