Roseburg Police Chief Gary Klopfenstein run with Special Olympic athletes and local enforcement officials during a leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run in June 2019. A group calling for the removal of Klopfenstein suspended its plans late last week.

The Roseburg small business group Citizens for Truth has suspended its campaign to oust Roseburg Police Department Chief Gary Klopfenstein.

Joshua Brennon, spokesperson for Citizens for Truth, said via email Saturday that one of the group’s members had been “doxed” and concerns were brought up by other members.

“Because of this, we are suspending our campaign,” Brennon wrote. “Their safety and well-being comes first. Period. We asked the Chief (in our letter) to please look at how his actions, whether on purpose or not, have gave the assumption of bias policing to an already divided community concerning this mandate. We also explained our issue with his excuse of online system reporting absence and requested that he just be honest with the community in the future.”

The group further discontinued its website, timetogogary.com, on Thursday, but had reactivated the site by late Tuesday morning.

The change came just two days after The News-Review published an article citing the group’s complaints against Klopfenstein along with the chief’s rebuttal. The Citizens for Truth website had been online for approximately one week.

Citizens for Truth said Klopfenstein targeted Casey’s Restaurant in early May 2020 for COVID-19 violations, and ignored proper safety protocols during a Black Lives Matter rally in late May.

Klopfenstein said he was doing his job, which is to “educate, warn, then report.”

The group also asserts crime data reported by Roseburg Police Department to the FBI in 2019 was falsely inflated, resulting in Roseburg being named Oregon’s most dangerous city in a January 2020 report.

On its updated site, Citizens for Truth added a statement Sunday, specifying that the group was not anti-police nor did it have a specific political agenda.

“We believe that our timing to release (the) website and full information may have been confusing to some and a belief that we are associated with another group, Citizens Against Tyranny,” the statement reads. “We are not associated with this group. We are just a small group of small business owners and such that have concerns with our chief of police’s actions and statements.

“We just believe in holding public officials accountable.”

The group said they and their concerns are real, according to the website.

“Yes, we are real people with real concerns. We are not Russian disinformation operatives,” the website statement reads. “No, we will not be listing any prior or current members for the reasons stated above.”

Attempts to reach Brennon via phone went directly to voicemail.

Donovan Brink can be reached at dbrink@nrtoday.com and 541-957-4219.

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Cops and Courts Reporter

Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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(15) comments

Marine Vet

As a Trained Chef I Enjoy searching for New Places & Idea's on Food. When my Wife & I 1st moved here we did go to Casey's a couple of times. 2 Things put Us Off from ever returning. 1, The Place is Absolutely FILTHY. 2, As a Chef Any Food Establishment that has a " Constant " Help Wanted Sign out has Problems. This is Not My Opinion it is FACT. Add to that Fact they are Not Worried about Anyone in the Community or Their Health. They are Only worried about their Bottom line. Which for Years seem's to have been a Problem with a Constant Turn Over of help. Here's the Thing about UNITED STATES CURRENCY. It SPENDS Everywhere. Better Choices are Out there. Enough of the Poor Me's.


Mike, take a deep breath. Relax. Thank God you don't run things in Roseburg or the County. We would all be in jail.

On the other side of the issue, I respect your knowledge and research on Covid19. It's just that I don't trust the integrity of the persons doing the tallies on who is sick and what from. Strangely enough, Oregon reported only 4 flu deaths for 2020 while they had 14,000 reported deaths from flu in 2019. Does this concern you and do you question the statistics? Additionally, if a person dies in an accident, but the deceased tests positive for covid19, is it true that it is counted as a covid death? There seems to be a few instances where that may have occurred. Something similar to the person who went to Texas, went to a Texas hospital and died of reportedly covid19, and they were counted both in Texas and in Douglas County as a covid death. I guess the question is "are the statistics tainted by the greed for federal money?"


A friend of the person who died in Texas commented a couple weeks ago that their friends death was NOT included in both Texas and Douglas County. I think they were responding to one of your former similar comments.

Why do you say everyone would be in jail if I was running things (no worries). I was just reciting the municipal code for businesses to consider before jumping on the retaliation train.


Let's take a moment to share: "Citizens for Truth said Klopfenstein targeted Casey’s Restaurant in early May 2020 for COVID-19 violations, and ignored proper safety protocols during a Black Lives Matter rally in late May." If you recall, Douglas County was very lucky when Covid-19 hit the State; we were to lock down to kill the deadly virus. Casey's sits right off I-5, Casey's and Denny's were ripe for infection based on their location - Covid-19 was going to come at us right off the freeway. Casey's owners made their decision and violated the lock down. It's a tough decision to wrestle with, life or livelihood. It's not a tough decision for a Police Chief who must follow the State mandate meant to keep people alive. Casey's raised the amount they were fined. That showed support for a popular local restaurant and there seemed to be some struggle whether to use raised funds to fight the fine or just pay the fine. Casey's is now open. It seems to me the group got swept up toward an indignant mind set for not such a great cause. Did anyone supporting Casey's during their struggle think to ask if they could possibly start serving better food? People will come, they deserve a decent meal for their support. Oh, and thank you for moving to Blogspot where you can air your concerns and move forward with a more clear intent of action toward your cause, with hope it will be justifiable instead of just appearing immature and nit-picky. Try to embrace the effects of a deadly pandemic before your next decision.


Casey’s owners are also Boardmembers of the Citizens against Tyranny organization. I'm curious why the business licenses of Casey's and other businesses haven’t been revoked by the City of Roseburg for failing to abide by municipal codes. According to the City of Roseburg Business Registration website; "Pursuant to Roseburg Municipal Code Section 9.100.020, a business registration may not be issued to anyone who has been convicted of...any law or statute where the elements of such relate to the business activity to be conducted, unless the applicant demonstrates that the offense has no bearing on the applicant’s fitness to undertake the licensed activity without endangering property or public health, safety or welfare."


Furthermore, all businesses that post the Citizens against Tyranny signs stating their refusal to be inspected should all have their business licenses revoked by Roseburg’s City Recorder based on Municipal Code 9.100.030 which states, “The City Recorder may revoke any registration certificate, license or permit issued pursuant to this Title if the City Recorder finds that…the owner or holder of a registration certificate, license or permit fails to allow a lawful inspection of the business premises or records.”



Oh. Well then it must be that little itty bitty tiny thing about having to live here after they take action and follow regulations. Regulations here are just suggestions. I haven't eaten there for a year and have no intention of doing so again, but I do realize it's one of those Mom and Pop places with a homey feel for locals. The virus has killed a number of Mom and Pop cafes.


NJ: "The virus has killed a number of Mom and Pop cafes." And hundreds of thousands of moms and pops, in America alone. Many more worldwide, of course.

Amen to your comment. I love an early breakfast at a local; farmers, truckers, builders, many of whom know the others and the servers well; the banter, the little flirtations and snippets of conversation you hear, and know that they are repeated lines in some long-long-running story, that began long ago, and will continue when you're gone.

Biscuits and gravy, with a side of Spoon River.


Biscuits and gravy are always the first thing I eat at a first time restaurant visit. If a restaurant's biscuits and gravy are good, I'm certain all the food is good. [thumbup]

Marine Vet

Here's the Thing about UNITED STATES CURRENCY. It SPENDS Everywhere

George Weston

What is the matter? Are the business owners afraid of the wrath of the consumer and the possible boycotts that could affect them? I, for one, will never give Casey's any of my business. They lost it because they didn't obey the laws, so why should I, or anyone else, patronize them. Granted my business was maybe $500 a year, but I will patronize others and give them that business. Greed comes with a cost!




I would always refer Casey's to friends passing through town for a meet, a meal and a chat. Never again!!!!

Marine Vet

Here's the Thing about UNITED STATES CURRENCY. It SPENDS Everywhere

Marine Vet

Here's the Thing about UNITED STATES CURRENCY. It SPENDS Everywhere



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