“In every part of a place or object.”

Those eight words, which constitute the dictionary definition for the word “throughout,” were the linchpin for the argument put forth Monday to the Roseburg City Council against allowing a WinCo Foods supermarket to be built where the vacant Kmart now sits.

Eugene attorney Sean Malone, who represents the group Safe Streets Roseburg, said that city code requires walkways “throughout” the parking lot at the proposed new supermarket at 2757 NW Stewart Parkway. Since the word “throughout” wasn’t defined in the codes, Malone said he turned to a dictionary and used that definition.

WinCo Foods, a Boise-based supermarket chain, has submitted plans that call for demolishing the old Kmart and replacing it with a slightly smaller supermarket. Once construction begins, the store should open in about a year, WinCo officials have said.

The plans call for two walkways, which are a far cry from putting them throughout the parking lot, Malone said Monday.

“‘In every part of a place’ in my opinion, and that of Safe Streets Roseburg, would not be satisfied by two crosswalks. It would be easier if the code were more specific but it’s not,” Malone said. “What I’m looking at is some justification for how two walkways are considered throughout the site.”

The matter is not simply a matter of semantics, he said. The language is in the city codes for a reason, namely public safety.

“The lack of separate paths, or walkways, results in an island of parking spaces. More crosswalks, more pedestrian walkways, can increase safety,” he said. “The City Council, in my opinion, should prioritize safety.”

Malone also said a traffic study done on behalf of WinCo Foods was insufficient, and more is needed to be done to protect shoppers entering and leaving the proposed store, and not add to traffic at the intersection of Northwest Stewart Parkway and Northeast Edenbower Boulevard.

City planners, who recommended the project be approved, said WinCo had gone beyond what the code called for to make sure the development is convenient and safe for pedestrians and drivers. For example, WinCo agreed to put in a right turn only sign at one exit, add a curbed median on Stewart Parkway and pay for changes to the traffic light pattern at the intersection of Stewart Parkway and Edenbower Boulevard if that is deemed to be needed to deal with heavy traffic.

“We really worked hard with city staff to design this site,” said Dan Zimmerman, a Boise architect who worked on the project for WinCo. “WinCo wants to be a good community neighbor.”

The City Council approved the project unanimously. Several councilors applauded the new supermarket and the economic boost it will bring to the area.

Councilor Sheri Moothart said she knows people who shop at the WinCo in Eugene. Putting a supermarket here will change that, she said.

“This will keep that money in our county,” Moothart said. “Overall it’s a great plan. It’s going to be a great addition not only to Roseburg but to our county.”

Councilor Bob Cotterell said the new WinCo will provide jobs and be good for the economy.

“I am really supportive of this,” he said.

And Councilor Alison Eggers said she welcomes the new supermarket and the demolition of the vacant Kmart.

“To me, a building not derelict in this town is a plus plus plus,” Eggers said. “To me, I don’t see how we can’t approve, and vote for it.”

The City Council was the second public body to sign off on the proposal — the city’s Planning Commission also approved it. If the Council’s decision is appealed, the matter will go before the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals.

The Kmart building, which has sat vacant for four years, covers 88,000 square feet. The new WinCo store would spread out over just under 73,000 square feet. The store will be open around-the-clock.

WinCo plans to reconfigure the parking lot, install new landscaping and perform other improvements to the site, which covers about 9.45 acres.

WinCo Foods is an employee-owned supermarket chain known for its bulk items and low prices. There are currently more than 130 WinCo stores in 11 states, with more than 20,000 employees.

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I guess I don't understand the congestion argument because I view it similar to a mass balance and only see congestion increasing if Winco increases the total number of shoppers that would have shopped elsewhere if Winco was not constructed.

There are a set number of shoppers every day. That number doesn't increase just because a Winco is built. To argue Winco will increase congestion means the roads to Safeway, Costco, Fred Meyer and Bimart will lose congestion. After all, where do the increased shoppers causing the congestion come from if not Winco's competitors?


Speaking of derelict buildings, yesterday while driving down Jackson street we noticed a homeless camper's tent totally blocking the sidewalk to the effect that a pedestrian now has to walk into the street because the sidewalk is blocked. This is how it starts folks. First one tent goes up on a sidewalk and then another, and another until finally, taxpaying citizens no longer have the right to use the sidewalks they pay for because they're blocked by homeless bums. Roseburg's downtown is sinking into a quagmire.


When two hospitals were running and Kmart was a busy store we had congestion, but the ambulance services could still operate by zigzagging through the traffic. With a popular store like Winco and ONE hospital in operation for the entire Douglas County it will surely cause problems for those who need emergency services to save their lives. Do the right thing and go to the old Safeway and Payless location: Build it and they will come. You build that Winco store where the Kmart was and you are asking for trouble.


Ms. Eggers indicates she prefers any derelict building being removed is a plus for her. I agree as there seems to be plenty of them in town. Ms. Moothart says she knows people who shop at WinCo in Eugene. I wonder if she took a poll of how many people travel from Roseburg to Eugene to shop specifically at WinCo?

And Mr. Cotterell says WinCo will provide jobs and be good for the economy. How many jobs Mr. Cotterell? At a starting minimum wage? Did you crunch any numbers? Let's do that now with a "for example". But first let's note that this example is for a woman since the trend has always been that when a man takes a minimum wage job he will see a quicker advancement to a higher wage. That's just how it is folks, ask any woman who works in retail. Of note also is that this employee owned company's 20,000 workers hold shares collectively valued at close to $3 billion.

The "for example": WinCo will open in 2022. Minimum wage we'll guesstimate at $14 and hour based on how the Consumer Price Index calculates annually. So Mom of 1 and her new full time job at $14 an hour will gross $2,240 a month. Taxes will take 30.58% of that gross pay. Now her take home pay is $1,555 per month. An unknown will be whether WinCo or employees (remember it's employee owned), will pick up the tab for any health or child care benefits. Time to look at expenses for Mom of 1 with a take home pay of $1,555 per month, or $18,660 annually.

Here's the eye-opener folks - This family of Mom and 1 child will have annual expenses over $53,000. It's a conservative number based on the calculation model available now in 2021. It shouldn't be surprising that Mom and her child will most assuredly be living in poverty even with a full time job. She'll be running a deficit of $34,340 a year. It's not a hard stretch to realize that Mom and child will most likely live in Section 8 housing, receive SNAP, and use the Oregon Health Plan. In other words, Oregon taxpayers will be picking up almost 99% of the cost so Mom and child can live in poverty with all the social stigmas that go along. Do you think Mom is being lazy? Do you think Mom simply just wants all those so-called taxpayer draining handouts so she doesn't have to even try to earn a living? Yes those social stigmas as well as how it will affect her child growing up in poverty, and such is life in poverty where Mom has no choice but to remain if she wants to take advantage of company shares.

Mr. Cotterell? Do you think perhaps now you might have crunched the numbers before you said “...the new WinCo will provide jobs and be good for the economy.”? Good for the economy and thankfully so since it will mean those jobs will be a poverty wage and that's surely good enough for a woman with a child, right?

Ultimately my point is not just that we need council members who offer more thorough and considerate thinking before speaking to the local newspaper, maybe clicked a couple of times on Google to become more informed about jobs. But further, if anyone who lives in the Roseburg area grumbles about the 1.9 trillion dollar Covid Relief legislation passed, that is working to ease poverty for families can now be assured that the current 99% of taxpayer money allowing Mom and child to live in poverty, can now be eased and is spread clear across the back of the entire country. And if that is the Shining City on the Hill we white folk sought as John Winthrop's Model of Christian Charity in our new world, we need to take a more realistic look at where we're at and how well we've done. It might even take us further into assessing how we've become a country that grows billionaires here and throughout the world at the cost of making the majority of people live in poverty to meet this capitalistic reality.

Oregon Paycheck Calculator: https://smartasset.com/taxes/oregon-paycheck-calculator#WadGN9xSUM

Living Wage Calculator: https://livingwage.mit.edu/states/41

MI Go Beav

NJ, how many people are you employing? Yeah, that's what I thought.


"If the Council’s decision is appealed, the matter will go before the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals."

I give an appeal a 100% chance of happening -- Safe Streets Roseburg will whip this dead horse until it's unrecognizable. I, on the other hand, can't wait for Winco to open!


Remember all the hullabaloo regarding the potential traffic problems before Costco went in? We would be sitting in traffic all day, and a lot more traffic accident.

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