The unemployment rate in Douglas County continued its steady decline in November, dropping from 5.3% in October to 5.1% last month, according to data released by the Oregon Employment Department.

The county’s unemployment rate is down from 6.5% in November 2020.

The Oregon rate for November was 4.2%, the same as the U.S. rate for the month.

Douglas County payroll employment bounced back to add a seasonally adjusted 120 jobs in November, after losses of 110 jobs in October and 30 in September. Douglas County has gained back 69% of the jobs lost in March and April 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, the Employment Department data shows.

In the not seasonally adjusted private-sector industries in November, there were seasonal job gains in transportation, warehousing, and utilities (100) and retail trade (50), and an additional gain in professional and business services of 50. There were seasonal job losses in leisure and hospitality (-70) and construction (-20) and an additional loss of 30 ijobs n manufacturing.

Government lost 10 jobs from losses in federal government (-50) and state government (-10) that were countered by gains in local education (40) and noneducation local government (10).

When comparing November 2021 with November 2020, total nonfarm employment is up 130 jobs, or 0.3%. Large over-the-year job gains were seen in leisure and hospitality (140); construction (90); manufacturing (70); and other services (70).

There were job losses in professional and business services (-190); financial activities (-90); and mining and logging (- 30).

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CitizenJoe is correct.

Whenever I look at the news, all I see is doom and gloom about the economy. But when I look at my monthly investment statements, I see much to be happy about. Something seemed off-kilter, so I double-checked what CitizenJoe said.

During a new president's first year in office, the GDP usually doesn't grow much. The record for the past 40 years had been 2.74% economic growth.

Economic growth under Biden is coming in at 5.5% -- double the record of the last 40 years.

The US market is out-performing world markets by the biggest margin since 2000. We're being plagued by inflation, but inflation around the world is even higher.

The Biden administration is beating the economic performance of the last 7 presidencies, including the last guy. None of our recent past presidents has boosted the economy nearly as much as the Biden administration.

I now better understand why every Republican senator opposed Biden's Build Back Better plan. If that had passed, Biden's record of improving jobs and the economy would have skyrocketed through the roof. The GOP is willing to allow America to suffer in order to own the Dems. That's the opposite of patriotic.

The doom and gloom stories are simply not true. Thanks for the update, Joe.


Dow and S&P both hit all-time highs today. Highest. Ever.

More jobs created in Biden's first 11 months than in any year in history; 6.11 million, year-over-year, too.

GDP growth twice China's, four times Eurozone's. Inflation a bit less than the rest of the world, and on track to ease next quarter.


And, oh: despite commenters on Fox news predicting that the Christmas holiday would show bleak sales and empty shelves,

"Holiday retail sales were the highest ever, jumping 8.5 percent from last year and nearly 11 percent from pre-pandemic 2019, as “consumers splurged throughout the season,” Mastercard reported Sunday."

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