The Umpqua Indian Development Corp., the business division of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, has raised the minimum wage it will pay its workers to $14 per hour.

The increase was implemented as of March 1. Before that, the minimum wage had been $11.50 an hour. The Umpqua Indian Development Corp. employs about 850 people. Employees who were earning less than that had their hourly wage raised on March 1. All new hires will receive $14 per hour, plus benefits, as their beginning salary.

“UIDC has always offered strong support to its Team Members,” Travis Hill, Umpqua Indian Development Corp. vice president for business operations, said in a news release. “Traditional medical benefits, including dental and vision, 401K, and paid time off have been part of our ‘package’ for years. As an employment leader in Southern Oregon, the responsibility to take care of our team members has been a top priority for UIDC.”

The minimum wage in Oregon varies depending on where a person lives. In Douglas County, the minimum wage is currently $11.50. That is scheduled to increase to $12 an hour on July 1 and to $12.50 by July 2022.

The federal minimum wage currently stands at $7.25 an hour and has not been raised since 2009. President Joe Biden backed legislation that would raise the federal minimum wage immediately to $9.50, and gradually increase until it reached $15 by 2025.

However, that legislation has stalled in Congress.

Hill said the increase for Umpqua Indian Development Corp. employees has been in the works for a while.

“We’ve always known that when we achieved our goals financially, we wanted to share that success with our team members,” he said. “The $14 per hour minimum wage for team members is the result of a UIDC goal to make sure people are rewarded for work well done and are encouraged to continue their quality performance. The Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe and UIDC could not have become a leader, a successful employer, without hard-working team members.”

Umpqua Indian Development Corp. became a federal chartered corporation in 1997. Administrative offices for UIDC are located in Roseburg. The UIDC reports to the eleven member Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians board.

“Doing our best for our Team Members means they give us their best. Successful business works by putting mutual respect in place as a basic underpinning,” said Umpqua Indian Development Corp. president John McCafferty.

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