Changes are coming to the downtown Roseburg building that for more than a century housed Roseburg Book & Stationery, including two new businesses moving in.

Roseburg Book & Stationery opened in 1910 in downtown Roseburg, surviving the Great Depression, two recessions, the rise of big-box stores and the rise of online shopping. Janice and Gary Quist owned and operated the store for more than 20 years before selling it to Jason Byers in 2014. He closed the store in the spring of 2019 and sold the building, located at 549 SE Jackson St., to local entrepreneur Trevor Mauch.

Mauch has been renting a portion of it to Farmhouse Décor. They are moving down the street to 507 SE Jackson St., and a new store called The People’s Goods has moved in. The People’s Goods is just as the name implies — a store selling handcrafted local goods.

Mauch also recently rented another portion of the building — closest to Main Street — to top woodworker Matt Hallman, who owns a growing local business called Hallman Woodworks. With Hallman moving in the building is undergoing facade renovations on the Main Street side — which prompted the removal of a historic sign that had adorned the property.

That caused some concern among several people who had grown attached to the sign, including Janice Quist. She called me and asked if I knew where it went said she was worried about it.

Not to worry, the sign is being handled with care, Mauch said.

“Hallman is the top woodworker in the area and really growing (they do amazing custom wood furniture, cabinets, etc.) and this will be their new showroom,” he said. “The sign was removed and is in storage right now but we want to find a great use for the sign downtown, to pay homage to the history of the store and the building. ... The sign will 100% for sure stay local, it will be put to use for the public to see/enjoy downtown in some way, shape or form.”

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The only change which will bring my family back to the downtown area is to remove the homeless bums.


They'll do everything to make downtown better...except remove the homeless from the sidewalks and the streets.


I know Hallman's's beautiful!

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