The owner of the historic Parrott House restaurant in Roseburg has put both the property up for sale, saying she wants to take advantage of a hot real estate market.

Heidi Lael listed the 1890s-era Victorian house at 1581 SE Stephens St. last week. The building covers 5,816 square feet and sits on 2.36 acres, according to the online listing. The listing agent is Mary Gilbert, with the Mary Gilbert Group. The asking price is $1,999,000.

“This is an awesome opportunity for someone who wants to own and operate a restaurant,” Lael said. “It just seemed like a good time to try it out, and if it doesn’t work I’ll still be there.”

This is how the property is described in the listing:

“The home offers a boutique grocery and gift shop, commercial kitchen, weekday grab and go meals to enjoy in the open air patio seating with fine dining. One of a kind, elegant pavilion, The Reform Bourbon Bar, wood fired pizza oven, two Air BnB’s and sprawling event venue with lush lawns, amphitheater, and vineyard. Lease in place with option to purchase the real estate and business. Owner financing available.”

Lael said she is a property developer and thought this would be a good time to test the market.

“I love my beautiful Parrott, but timing is everything,” she said. “Anybody out there will tell u the real estate market is on fire. “I’ve owned the Parrott for a long time and yes, it’s my baby. But I have other properties in the area too.”

Leal bought the in 2011 and began working on it more intently in 2014. The restaurant opened three years later, with Lael’s vision to make it approachable for everybody: A place that could be a fine date night location, a meetup after a fishing trip in the river or a place to relax after work.

She had some bumps and growth spurts along the way. In the fall of 2018 The Parrott House closed for maintenance, repairs and a kitchen overhaul just one year after the building was renovated to become an upscale restaurant.

And just like just about all business owners, Lael had a difficult go of it in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. She was forced to close her restaurant down for six months, and in doing so lost most of her two dozen employees. The restaurant reopened late last summer but then was forced to close again in November due to the county being deemed an extreme risk based on coronavirus cases.

“Getting through the winter was a nightmare, but I knew if we could just make it to spring and the weather was favorable we would be top of the list for safe dining on our patios and beautiful lawns,” Lael said in an interview earlier this year.

The shutdown also allowed Lael to take a step back and look at possible ways to improve the Parrott House and generate more revenue, she said.

“Finding new ways to keep our doors open and staff employed was essential in moving forward,” she said earlier. “And as always our new ideas came from listening to the needs of our wonderful guests. That’s how I came up with the plan of removing all intimate indoor dining areas from the historical house, keeping all dining in the big airy Glass Pavilion and outdoor. Making the inside a retail location and one beautiful room with a private balcony, our first opportunity for folks to stay a night in the Historic Haunted House.”

Now, with most of he COVID-19 restrictions lifted, business is back and thriving, she said.

“We are busier than we’ve ever been in our life now and stronger than ever because we survived Covid,” she said. “And this is the best team I’ve ever had.”

Lael also said she is hoping someone on the team will step up and buy the place to keep the legacy going. She said she’s willing to retain ownership of the property and just sell the business.

“I put my whole heart into the Parrott House, and I hope it’ll be a restaurant,” she said. “I’m willing to carry financing to keep it a restaurant.”

Lael said she has other properties sprinkled through the area, including residential properties downtown, and 2.5 acres adjacent to the Parrott House that is zoned commercial. She’s contemplating different scenarios for what to do with that property, she said.

“My goals are to continue growing and creating more great projects in our area,” Lael said.

She also said she has mixed feelings about the listing and possible sale of the Parrott House.

“Part of me feels it’s kind of exciting, I never thought I’d get the opportunity to sell,” Lael said. “But it’s also a little sad. That’s my heart. If you want to look into my heart and soul, it’s the Parrott.”

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I know no one who's had a good experience there. This business was a loser from day one.


What are the operating hours for Parrott House? I have gone there a couple times when FB hours show open, and it was closed.

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