Debbie Caterson

Debbie Caterson

The Umpqua Business Center and the UCC Small Business Development Center are proud to announce the one-stop shop for Douglas County businesses, providing ease for a startup or established business to access local resources, as well as providing resources outside the county to help your business needs.

Last September, I wrote an article about finding resources for your business. I listed a few local resources only because I wrote one page. The list can be overwhelming. Due to the generosity of sponsors to create this amazing website, we now have a one-stop shop for your business at

The website acts as a road map and is designed to make it easier to go directly to the source without searching the internet, sometimes endlessly, to get to the right place. Douglas County is the second county in the state of Oregon to have this type of website. Deschutes County was the first, and provided helpful information to build one that fits our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The website offers access to Events, Education & Mentoring, Employment, Financial & Capital Improvement, Legal, Patents & Trademarks, Media & Marketing, Organizations & Associations, Professional Services and Government categories. Simply click on the category name and it takes you to the respective webpage.

The website will continue to evolve with new resources added as they are discovered. It is a work in progress, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. In fact, when you go to the website, at the bottom of the page, you can send us a message. We encourage productive input and look forward to your response.

Helping build and expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our county is critical to the success of any business. The website is one resource you now have. It doesn’t matter where you are at in your business life cycle. It’s important to know what is available and how it contributes to your plan.

The Business Life Cycle

  1. Idea: pre-venture
  2. Launch: up and running
  3. Expansion: generating consistent income and growing
  4. Renewal: events or conditions that may require changes in direction
  5. Exit: you are ready to make a big change, such as selling the business, succession planning or exiting to new opportunities


  • 1st Steps to Starting a Business — check website for dates and time
  • Real Estate Broker’s License Pre-Test Training — April 3 to June 5
  • Lean Principles for the Small Business — April 3 to May 22

Register for events at

If you would like help starting your own business or would like to grow your existing business, contact the Small Business Development Center in the Umpqua Business Center at 522 SE Washington Ave., Roseburg.

Our phone number is 541-440-7824 and we are able to offer no cost advising through one of our business professionals. You can find us online at: or

The Umpqua Business Center offers a variety of business services including incubator space and a virtual incubator for new and expanding businesses. Find out more online at

Debbie Caterson is the Director of the Small Business Development Center for Umpqua Community College and Executive Director of the Umpqua Business Center.

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