Aspen Chiropractic Office Manager Nickysha Lewis (left) and Doctor Darcy Tetzlaff opened the new location for the medical office in January at 2569 NW Edenbower Blvd.

Aspen Chiropractic added a new location in Roseburg to bring Oregon Health Plan services closer to people who need them.

Office Manager Nickysha Lewis came down from the Sutherlin clinic to open the new location. She said it is the only chiropractic office to serve patients covered under the Oregon Health Plan in Roseburg.

“We want to help this community too,” Lewis said. “We were realizing a lot of patients were on (the Oregon Health Plan) and couldn’t get to our office. We’re trying to make it more convenient for our patients.”

Doctor Darcy Tetzlaff is the primary chiropractor at the clinic and wants to help patients in pain address the issues. She can do spine alignments, but also “shoulders, elbows, knees and toes, knees and toes.”

“It’s much more than being able to see a patient in and out, it’s a lot of everything,” Tetzlaff said. “I feel like we have a really great relationship with our patients. In the state of Oregon, we’re primary care providers. What that means is we treat the back and spine, but we can treat other things.”

Lewis said the clinic has already grown in just the two months since it opened with patients shifting from the Sutherlin clinic and news of the clinic spreading by word-of-mouth.

“We can treat the whole spine,” Lewis said. “A lot of patients have told me that it’s nice that they can to come to a chiropractor and fix the problems they are having rather than mask them with medicine.”

Tetzlaff compared taking care of the spine to the beams holding up a building.

“Imagine a house and the beams are like the bones and the walls are like the muscles,” Tetzlaff said. “When the beams are out of alignment, even just a little bit, little bit by little bit over time, things fall and the foundation can crack. Those beams are really important because they hold the structure up. That’s what I do, I put the structure back together.”

Tetzlaff said she has had customers comment on her being a female chiropractor, and she hopes that it

“I think that some people like or prefer certain genders as doctors or nurses or massage therapists, especially something hands-on like chiropractic,” Tetzlaff said. “They always think that women chiropractors aren’t as strong, then they meet me.”

Tetzlaff moved from Wisconsin to Washington, but Roseburg has felt surprisingly like home.

“It reminds me of where I grew up,” Tetzlaff said. “I have a small town type of personality. I just want the public to know we are here for them and we are here to serve.”

The clinic takes several forms of insurance and cash and is located at 2569 NW Edenbower Blvd.

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