Carrot Founder and CEO Trevor Mauch discusses his company’s work in their downtown office in April.

Among a list of businesses based in urban areas, two Roseburg companies were recognized on the Portland Business Journal’s list of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Oregon and southwest Washington.

Carrot, the real estate lead generating tech company, came in at No. 32 with a revenue growth of 140% over the last two years.

“What’s cool about it is, we’re pretty much it when it comes to companies in rural Oregon that made the list,” CEO Trevor Mauch said. “It’s not something we set out to do. I never intended on building a software company that would be one of the fastest growing in the state, I just wanted to build something that was cool and that mattered and you can do it from rural Oregon.”

TerraFirma Foundation Systems came in at No. 53 with a revenue growth of 91.89% over the last two years. General Manager Clint Griffith attributed the growth to good leadership and “willingness to go after it.”

“That’s a feat in itself, to compete with those bigger companies, but we dove in headfirst, going gangbusters to get this thing built the way we wanted it,” Griffith said. “It’s nice to spread it down to the other employees in the company, showing how hard we are trying to make careers and paths for everybody here to succeed and support their families.”

The Portland Business Journal listed the company as headquartered in Portland, but the company was founded in Roseburg in 2004 and expanded into Portland a few years later.

“We started it here and just kept on going,” Griffith said. “We have three locations, one in Seattle, one in Portland and one in Roseburg, all owned and started by Ryan (Beckley) here out of the Roseburg office.”

Carrot was No. 19 last year and Mauch said if they had applied for the list the year before, the company would have come in the top 10.

“As you grow more revenue, it gets harder to grow it at a faster pace,” Mauch said. “We are excited to be anywhere on the list and we’re grateful. We should probably make it on the list for the next two or three years.”

Since the company was founded in 2014, it’s grown to 24 employees with several based elsewhere in Oregon or out of the state. Mauch said he is looking to hire more people — he’s already hired three since the beginning of the year.

“Ideally, we would love for them to be local, but that’s definitely a struggle we have is hiring more and more local,” Mauch said. “One of our aims is gaining more exposure for our company so we can continue to hire more people and we’re wanting to hire more local people.”

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Janelle Polcyn is a reporter at The News-Review, graduated from the University of Texas, and is a podcast enthusiast.

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