Dennis Rogers may be selling his cannabis business, but he isn’t done with the plant.

Rogers said he incorporated a non-compete clause in the sale agreement for a potential buyer of Cannaking that makes sure the future owner can only sell Tetrahydracannaboidals while the store next door, Rogers’ new project, CBD’s and More, will only sell cannabidiols.

“Basically, we’re going to be creating the first CBD store in Douglas County where, instead of having to go into a marijuana store or get the limited selection at a service station, they can come into my CBD store,” Rogers said. “We’re going to have a variety of products that are CBD only.”

Cannabis is made up of two species, hemp and marijuana. Marijuana has much higher concentrations of THC, which contains psychoactive compounds and is monitored closely by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Hemp still contains CBD compounds, used for medicinal purposes, and as long as the presence of THC is .3 percent or below it is federally legal and monitored by the Food and Drug Administration, according to Aaron Cadena, the editor and chief at

“Since CBD is pure medicine — you can’t get high off of it — we’re going to be catering to the people who need it medically,” Rogers said. “We’re going to have bath bombs, topicals, edibles, anything and everything made from CBD products we’re going to have in that store. The bath bombs are one of the things I personally can’t wait for. How cool will that be?”

Roseburg’s city code treats CBD products that are classified as hemp as an agricultural product which means they don’t fall under the same recreational marijuana requirements that enforce buffer zones between cannabis dispensaries and schools, residential zones, parks and other dispensaries.

The state initially adopted the buffer zone ordinances when it legalized recreational marijuana in 2015, and the city followed suit, but the state rescinded the ordinance shortly thereafter.

“It’s a completely separate business, a completely separate property,” Rogers said. “I’ve had the building that’s been sitting there for years and years. I might as well make another business out of it.”

Rogers said he registered the business with the city last Friday, and has already put up signage on the building’s exterior.

He hopes to open the store, located at 1459 NW Mulholland Drive, by the end of February.

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Old Tobi

Pure medicine? More like pure bunkum, and the FDA is starting to think about cracking down on the marketing of this "medicine" at gas stations next to the monkey glands...

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