Steve Dahl

Steve Dahl

Steve Dahl

I want to thank everyone who is staying home and self-isolating for the last month. I know it hasn’t been easy, especially with the weather turning so beautiful the last couple of weeks. I have seen more people out and about over the last week than I have in a while when I have walked my pug named Olive.

I also understand that many of you have seen your incomes drop because of the self-isolations, layoffs at non-essential businesses and just the slowing down of the economy. I have been on conference calls with the city managers within Douglas County and almost all of them can help out if you need it.

In Drain, we have allowed people who have been laid off the ability to be late on their utility bills with no late fee or shut off for the next month. If this has happened to you then please call and discuss the situation with the city you live in. I am sure that they will find a way to help you out.

You have heard in the chamber corner many times about the benefits of buying local and helping out local businesses. Now is the time to step up and protect the businesses you love.

I know in Drain the restaurants have been hard hit by the executive order that limited restaurants to delivery and take out only. I urge you in joining me in buying one extra meal a week at the restaurant that you don’t want to see go out of business. Now more than ever, if there is a local business you enjoy shopping at, eating at, or just think is important to your community, please figure out a way to support it.

Studies have shown that for every $100 you spend in the local economy $68 stays within the community and is recycled through the community. So, if you spend $100 at your favorite store, you help pay rent to a local landlord, keep the local grocery store in business, help keep a local accountant busy, keep garbage pick up in the community, keep the lights on and the water running.

If you spend $100 at a chain store only $43 stays in the community. If you buy on-line it is even less than that.

Now, there is nothing wrong with buying online. Sometimes that is the cheapest most efficient way to do things, but if there is a store, restaurant, community you want to make sure keeps open, living and thriving. I hope that you will help them out by buying something unique that you can enjoy and cherish.

Stay safe, go outside and walk your dog, enjoy the sunshine on your face and the best scenery in the State of Oregon. Hopefully, next time I will be able to tell you about new business opening up here in Drain, the City wide garage sale and the fun items you can get there, along with the North Douglas County Fair, deep fried Oreos anyone.

Steve Dahl is the City Administrator for the city of Drain.

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