Dick McHaffie

Dick McHaffie is a member of the Yoncalla Chamber of Commerce.

I’m sure that most of you out there, like us in Yoncalla, are looking forward to spring! With the change of seasons brings some fun activities to our area.

On March 24, the first ever Yoncalla High School Color Run is taking place. Registration is going on now and you don’t have to run to participate. This appears to be a very goofy and fun event! If you have questions you can email tgarcia@yoncalla.k12.or.us.

On April 14, the go-getters from the Yoncalla Summer Festival will be presenting the Spring Craft Fair at the Yoncalla Community Center on Main Street. This is a great place to find unique items for your home, garden or just for fun.

At the last Chamber meeting, we had a wonderful presentation from Pamela Semas, Executive Director of Everything Umpqua. She has launched a website, everythingumpqua.com, that looks to become the go-to website for the multitude of activities, events and services available in the area. She also has a smartphone app in the works.

The music program in Yoncalla is looking for donations of used band instruments. If you have an old trumpet, trombone, tuba or any other band instrument gathering dust in the attic, we would like to pair it up with one of our kids. Contact Yoncalla Elementary for details.

The Chamber just had a new logo designed and will be adding a Facebook page soon ... as we drag ourselves into the 21st century. We’d appreciate a “like!”

We are also rounding up entries for our Fourth of July Parade. If you would like to participate in this annual event, you can email eeott50@aol.com for more details.

Remember, if you are heading north on Interstate 5 and you aren’t in a big hurry, it only adds about 10 minutes to your trip to take exit 150 for a side trip through our little valley that includes Yoncalla and Drain. The road drops you back on to I-5 at Curtin. You might see something you like!

Dick McHaffie is a member of the Yoncalla Chamber of Commerce.

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