Circle Star Ranch claims the Parrott House asked to have four pigs slaughtered in June and July, but when it came time to pay, the owner said she never ordered the pigs.

Michael Lofrano said in his claim that he had taken pigs to Crystal Creek Meats since May 2017 for the Parrott House. He is claiming the Parrott House owes $2,271.

“We supplied eggs and pigs to them for a long time,” Lofrano said.

He worked with three chefs since he started working with the Parrott House almost two years ago. He said he met Parrott House Owner Heidi Lael at the Umpqua Valley Farmer’s market with her chef at the time.

“I guess Heidi took over (ordering supplies) and we tried to work with her for a number of months,” Lofrano said. “Finally she just stopped returning our calls. She finally said ‘I didn’t order it,’ but she never ordered anything. We dealt with the people that held authority before her.”

When she stopped responding, Lofrano decided the only solution was to take her to court.

Lael denied all claims to any amount owed in her response submitted to the Douglas County Courthouse on March 1. She declined to comment to the News-Review.

“We’re a small business,” Lofrano said. “It had a great effect. It’s one of the reasons we shut our business. You can’t just have several thousands of dollars worth of meat sitting for six months without getting paid for it.”

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I've read reviews of the Parrott house...and have talked to friends and relatives who have dined there. It was a memorable experience...a negative one.


I had a co-worker who was let go several months ago because it came to light that he was not a legal citizen and was only allowed to work thanks to his parent's work visa. Apparently that visa expired so he could no longer legally work at my job. He had several other jobs and from people I know that work at them, he was let go as well because of this. Considering the fact that I know this individual has a few arrest records in the last year, and our president's stance on illegals/immigration, I highly doubt he got it all squared away in a matter of weeks. Even outstanding people who are trying to get citizenship or visas usually have to wait months or years. Another co-worker recently found out he was working at the Parrot house which surprised a lot of us. So that tells me he either lied about his eligibility to work, or they are simply hiring him illegally. I will not support businesses that hire illegals. First that, than I read this article. There is defiantly some shady things going on at this place.

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