Joshua Fraiser welcomes walk-ins at his downtown Roseburg barbershop.

Customers pop their heads in the door and lounge in the chairs against the long wall as if they were sitting in Floyd Lawson’s barbershop, waiting for Sheriff Andy Griffith to walk through the door any second.

Joshua Frasier doesn’t take appointments at Frasier’s Barbershop and he likes it that way. He’s been cutting hair for eight years and always preferred a laid-back, old-fashioned style shop where people treat a haircut like a time to relax and get caught up on local news.

“People tend to sit down and talk,” Frasier said. “You come in and that’s how you get caught up around town. You have the older fellas come in and the veterans and they tell war stories and stories about the old years. It’s a pretty cool atmosphere. I don’t like setting appointments anyway.”

Fraiser serves in the National Guard and gives special discounts to veterans. He moved his family to Roseburg before he left for his deployment and decided to stay when he got back in January.

“I’m happy to be back and happy to be back in a shop where I’m the boss and it’s just me,” Frasier said.

His wife, Becki Frasier, went to high school in Douglas County and is happy to be back in the small town atmosphere of Roseburg.

“I like the smaller town feel with the bigger town amenities,” she said. “It’s been nice. I’ve really enjoyed being back. It’s different from being a high school student. This is where I want to raise my family.”

Inside the shop, there is a bookshelf with a growing collection of books, a small space for kids to play, and a lizard name Smaug, but the shop is not a place to drop kids off.

“I remember going to the barbershop as a kid and I loved going to the barbershop,” Joshua Frasier said. “I wanted it to be easy and convenient for people to bring their kids in so they could have the same experiences as me.”

The shop’s finishing touches were completed just hours before the salon was slated to open Friday. Frasier had scheduled a friend to help lay the shop’s flooring but the friend ended up getting sick.

“So I thought a couple of YouTube videos and I could do it,” Fraiser posted on his Facebook page. “Nope!”

Instead, Frasier was able to round up a few other friends to finish the floor, which ended up taking until 1 a.m. Friday.

The shop at 655 SE Jackson St. will be closed March 22-25 while Frasier leaves for National Guard drills. He said he will be going to drills one weekend a month.

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