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Lyea Dueñas, front, and Robert Schuster prepare for the opening of FX420 Recreational Dispensary in Roseburg.

A 20-page, $200,000 lawsuit between the owners of a local marijuana dispensary describes a series of dramas including binge drinking, pleas for rehab, theft and sabotage.

Robert Schuster, one of the owners of FX 420, filed a lawsuit in June against the co-owner, Kenneth Hyde, and Hyde’s family, for not only failing to support the store as agreed but actively trying to hurt the company.

Hyde’s son-in-law, Stephen Townsend, responded with a small claims lawsuit on Dec. 20 for $10,000 for unpaid work for installing a security system in the store. Neither Hyde nor Townsend could be reached for comment.

“I don’t know why he’s doing a small claim because we are actually in major litigation with Stephen and several other people,” Schuster said. “He was paid in full. He partially installed stuff, but I had my crew install the rest.”

Schuster said Townsend installed a spyware system for the Hyde family which he had removed. Townsend said he was hired by Hyde, but lists the company as a defendant and only Schuster as a registered agent, according to court documents.

The Hyde family has denied most of the claims and given a different version of others, according to court documents.

Schuster claims Hyde began binge drinking in April, but in the response, the Hyde family claims the business partners drank together and the plea for Hyde to go into rehab was said in jest. Schuster claims Hyde’s wife, Kelly Hyde, stole $13,000 which included payroll money, but the response claims Kelly Hyde put the money in the account Schuster claims doesn’t exist.

FX 420, located at 161 NE Garden Valley Blvd., was registered with the Oregon Secretary of State in July 2017 and is one of six registered marijuana dispensaries in Roseburg.

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