Caddock Electronics in Glide was fined $7,000 for improper disposal of hazardous waste by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

The fine reported on Wednesday came after a follow-up inspection almost one year after the department found a list of violations in the high performance film resistor products manufacturing facility in May. The company is in the process of appealing the penalty and fine.

The company released a statement on Wednesday refuting the findings from the department.

“Based on that inspection we were presented by the DEQ with Findings and a Penalty that we believe needed clarifications in order to correctly represent the description presented in the Findings and to correctly evaluate the Penalty,” the release said.

The company was fined for “disposing of a small amount of hazardous waste in the trash, and for failing to determine whether spent sandblast waste was hazardous,” according to the notice sent on March 13.

“DEQ issued this penalty because proper disposal of hazardous waste, and accurate hazardous waste determinations of every waste stream, are essential to ensure safe management of hazardous wastes,” the notice read.

The business was on a monthly list of violators with 14 other Oregon companies. It was the only one in Douglas County to receive a fine from the department in March.

“This is standard procedure for DEQ,” department spokesperson Laura Gleim said. “It’s part of our compliance and enforcement process.”

As of May, the company reported to the department that it generated 220 to 2,200 pounds of hazardous waste monthly. In May, inspectors found tetrachloroethylene still bottoms in the regular trash, spent sandblast from cleaning equipment in non-hazardous waste disposals, open containers of contaminated waste and mislabelling hazardous waste.

The notice shows the company made efforts to address the violations and took that into consideration when assigning the penalty fine amount.

The business had 20 calendar days to file an appeal with the department and did so. The appeal will go to an administrative law process where a judge will determine what will happen next.

“Caddock has submitted additional documents detailing our position to the DEQ and has a meeting scheduled with them at the end of April to further discuss their findings,” The release said. “... Caddock Electronics has a high level of commitment to maintaining systems that are highly effective in meeting the requirements of the DEQ.”

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