A medical equipment career that began in Roseburg is coming full circle.

Grove Medical Equipment owner, Michele Savage, earned her associates degree from Umpqua Community College and worked for a string of medical equipment companies in Roseburg then on the coast and in Lane County before she and her husband, Greg Savage, opened Grove Medical Equipment in Cottage Grove in 2006. In February, they opened a second store in Roseburg.

“It’s nice to come back and be part of the community again,” Michele Savage said. “We were getting a lot of interest and a lot of business from Douglas County. We decided to go ahead and try to bring a store here. It seems like it’s been a good move so far. It gives the community another option of medical equipment and supplies.”

Savage said when she was at UCC, there were three medical equipment stores in Douglas County, but since she left and came back, only Rick’s Medical Supply remained.

“I’m not here to put them out of business or step on his toes or anything,” Savage said. “So far, we’ve been working hand-in-hand together. We send people over there, they send people to us. The community is big enough that having two options is good.”

The store opened a week before the record-breaking storm in February which resulted in a very slow week, but it’s picked up and been busy ever since Savage said.

Savage decided about a year ago she wanted to expand into Roseburg and spent several months looking for a location when she stumbled across the suite at 2260 NW Stewart Parkway.

“This one didn’t come up. This particular suite sat empty for years. I knew when I saw it, this is where I want,” Savage said. “There were no walls, no ceiling, no HVAC. There was just this big empty hole that looked condemned. We totally remodeled it.”

The store is finished and filled with wheelchairs, crutches, walk aids, bath aids, hospital beds, knee scooters, lift chairs, compression garments, splints and braces and other tools to help people transition from hospital care to home care. Greg Savage is a registered nurse who helps people with the CPAP and BiPAP machines.

The company bills insurance and has contracts with medicare, medicaid and OHP. It also provides rental equipment in-house.

“You get friendly faces when you come see us and you actually get a live person on the phone,” Savage said. “You can walk in and get service. We’re a novelty. We still have personal customer service.”

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Janelle Polcyn is a reporter at The News-Review, graduated from the University of Texas, and is a podcast enthusiast.

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