When Misty Ross visited the old Cascade Community Credit building on SE Oak Avenue while scouting new locations for the Hair Garage, she saw the teller counter and said, “Well, there’s the bar.”

“People over the years have constantly mentioned how great it would be to have a beer or a wine while they were getting their hair done,” Ross said. “It’s just not something I ever really wanted to manage. With this new location, it’s bigger and would be more accommodating.”

Ross said her customers often compare the Hair Garage to salons in Portland, so when the opportunity to move came about and the bar came as built in as it ever would be, she said, “Okay, give me a little bit of Portland then.”

“We’re happy to be expanding and be able to provide a fun atmosphere for our clients and staff,” Ross said. “When we’re done cutting hair, we want to be available for people to come in for a couple hours for people to come in and hang out for a beer or a glass of wine before they go home from work.”

Ross grew up in Roseburg and moved to Tucson, Arizona where she started the Hair Garage. She knew two years in advance she would come back to Roseburg, so she filed the paperwork to bring her business to town and moved in 2011 to a shop on W. Harvard Avenue. In 2014, she moved to her location at 646 SE Jackson St.

“I wanted to bring my business, my clients, downtown to infuse them in the local retail community — because when you shop local, it makes an impact,” Ross said. “Being downtown, it also provides the most unique shopping experience in our community specifically. I can’t imagine, after being here for five years, being anywhere else.

The new location is a separate building with a parking lot on .25 acres of land.

“Any time I make a move, I consider how it will affect my staff and my clientele and this just happened to fit both sides’ needs,” Ross said. “It’s bigger. It’s important to me to stay in the downtown area, so while I’m a little bit sad to leave the main street, (SE) Jackson Street, I will just be a couple blocks up.”

The City of Roseburg approved Ross’s application for an Oregon Liquor Control Commission on and off premise licenses. The OLCC has not entered the application as of Wednesday.

The new location is scheduled to open Aug. 1.

“I want to take my time. I’m a busy person and I don’t want to stress myself out by creating too small of a window because I know how remodel projects go,” Ross said. “You get in a little deeper and go, ‘Oh boy, I’m going to need a little more time for this.’”

Ross said she’s happy to be back in Roseburg and the staff has come easily and worked well in the salon, unlike in Arizona.

“I continue to be surprised with how easy that is here,” Ross said. “Honestly, I think it’s the small town atmosphere. I think in general, people are more community-minded, more friendly, people interact more than they do in the bigger cities.”

Janelle Polcyn can be reached at jpolcyn@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4204. Or follow her on Twitter @JanellePolcyn.

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Janelle Polcyn is a reporter at The News-Review, graduated from the University of Texas, and is a podcast enthusiast.

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