With the death of jeweler Frank Bartley in February, Hanson Jewelers will shutter its doors at the end of the day Saturday.

Bartley’s wife, Jeredith Bartley, said she can’t keep the business running without her husband.

“It meant the world to both of us. It was many, many years of hard work, but that time comes to an end,” Jeredith Bartley said.

The store was founded by Jeredith Bartley’s brother, Alf Hanson, in 1960 in Myrtle Creek. The Bartleys joined the business in 1982 when they decided to leave code-breaking and were looking for a new challenge.

“Most days I get to work by 5 a.m. and I don’t leave until after five in the afternoon. Early mornings give me time to focus on my craft,” Frank Bartley told The News-Review in 2005. “I hate leaving earlier because I just love what I do. I look forward to going to the store every day.”

Frank Bartley traveled to Antwerp, Belgium, twice a year to buy diamonds directly from the cutters. He also went to the Tucson Gem Show every year to buy colored gemstones and to find out which stones and what colors were going to be the hot sellers.

The Roseburg store at 709 SE Jackson St., opened in 2001 with a motto of “everything you’d expect to find in a jewelry store,” including a fully equipped repair shop and a goldsmith. The Myrtle Creek store closed in 2006.

“It was a full-service jewelry store here, which there’s never enough of,” Jeredith Bartley said. “Everything from watch batteries to diamonds. Those are kind of hard to come by sometimes. I’m just very sad. Going to miss it. I enjoyed our time here.”

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I knew they were about to close after seeing homeless people living on the sidewalk by the front door.

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