Heartwood ReSources, which helps fund NeighborWorks Umpqua, recently announced the company’s first expansion. The new store will be located in Grants Pass.

Heartwood ReSources received over $200,000 in grants to open its first expansion store which will be in Grants Pass.

Heartwood ReSources is the building supply retail store that helps fund NeighborWorks Umpqua as well as recycle items that would otherwise be thrown in the dump that some would-be homeowners can still use.

“It’s just further expanding our mission to create an impact in the world of finance, housing and community,” said Nick Noyes, a spokesman for NeighborWorks Umpqua. “We’ve got very big plans for this store and we can’t wait for June so we can hit the ground running.”

The organization has been dreaming about expanding for years but officially decided on Grants Pass at the end of 2018 and received two grants, one in November and one at the end of December.

“We have June circled,” Noyes said. “Right now, we’re still going through the process to find the perfect place. We are just taking our time to make sure we find the right place. We are excited.”

The organization has not bought a building yet, but Noyes said they did a lot of research on which city would be best and are committed to Grants Pass.

“Before we decided where we were going, we had to do some research and look at which service area would benefit the most from something like Heartwood,” Noyes said. “That’s why we fell on Josephine County. We got a lot of positive feedback.”

A private Oregon organization, Meyer Memorial Trust granted Heartwood ReSources $166,000 in general funds and the Department of Environmental Quality granted the organization $48,000 to purchase heavy equipment including a flatbed pickup truck, a forklift and trailers. The DEQ granted the full amount requested.

The new store will be self-sufficient from the Roseburg store at 3495 Old Highway 99 South with its own manager and employees. The organization has reached out to the Josephine County Solid Waste Agency and United Community Action Network to build a presence before expanding.

Heartwood ReSources was established in Roseburg in 2001 and provides building materials, jobs and job training, public education on environmental issues and promotes retaining affordable housing.

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Although I support recycling efforts like Heartwood and have visited the one in Douglas County many times, I think, we the taxpayers need to be concerned about whether this particular non-profit is taking care of the property and completing things they have taken on before expanding into new endeavors. They have owned the Willis House in Roseburg now for quite a while and all they have managed to do with it is put a chain link fence to keep our homeless neighbors from being able to get some shelter in the gazebo there. Unfortunately this is just one example of Neighbor Works Umpqua not being a very good neighbor.

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