MYRTLE CREEK — According to Jim, the Redbarn Dispensary in Myrtle Creek is “one of the most beautiful dispensaries in the state of Oregon."

"And I’ve been to a lot of them,” he said.

Actor and musician Jim Belushi, whose career includes an eight-year stint as the star of television’s “According to Jim,” made the comment during a visit to Todd and Tony Theiss’s dispensary as a special guest Tuesday afternoon. Belushi showed up more than an hour after the start of the scheduled event, but nobody seemed to mind.

More than 100 people lined up outside to come in and take a quick photo with 64-year-old Belushi. The actor, who began his career in television back in the late 70s, has also appeared in several movies, including “K-9” and “Curly Sue.”

Todd Theiss lingered on the fringes making sure the sales were going well while keeping an eye on Belushi and the crowd inside.

“It’s exciting,” Todd Theiss said. “He’s partnered with several dispensaries around the state that he likes and wants to do business with and we are fortunate enough to be one of them.”

Misty Schartner gushed as she waited at the front of the line to take a photo with Belushi.

“Oh my god, you’re so cool! I’m so excited right now,” Schartner said. “I can’t even hold it in.”

Most of the people came from Myrtle Creek or Roseburg. Drew Russell from Myrtle Creek came just to see what was happening.

“Something to do,” Russell said. “Getting out of the house, meeting new people. I grew up watching some of (Belushi’s) movies. My grandma watches more.”

Belushi has been growing his marijuana on his farm in Eagle Point near the Rogue River for three years and sells his products in select dispensaries around the state, occasionally making appearances in some of his favorite places and selling his most exclusive products.

“Oregon is the greatest state with cannabis in the country, probably the world,” Belushi said. “We are going to lead with our medicine, lead the community to healing.”

Rob Peterson grows cannabis under his label, Pedbo Special, and wanted to try some of Belushi’s products that are similar to his own.

“I was going to compare mine with Jim’s but Jim didn’t bring his brand that I want, one of them at least,” Peterson said.

Belushi spoke about cannabis as more than a medicine, but as something almost spiritual that affects everything from music to health to interactions with loved ones.

“It’s all medicine,” Belushi said. “Whether you have seizures, PTSD, helps with headaches, backaches, there’s so many great things it helps with, but it also enhances music, it enhances the touch of your lover’s skin, food, it sparks creativity. Also, it brings a sense of euphoria and joy and lightness. That is all included in the wellness of cannabis.”

Janelle Polcyn can be reached at or 541-957-4204. Or follow her on Twitter @JanellePolcyn.

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Janelle Polcyn is a reporter at The News-Review, graduated from the University of Texas, and is a podcast enthusiast.

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Like alcohol a little too much marijuana and the experience can be unpleasant. No one has ever died of a marijuana overdose.


His brother died of a drug overdose.....doesn't this seem a bit ironic?


Go Jimbo!

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