People perused rows of rifles while somebody sharpened knives on a grinder at the long-running Roseburg Gun & Knife Show at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on Saturday.

Mel and Connor Scott were set up at the end of a row with red tables covered in bags and scopes and other supplies. The father and son take Scott’s Tactical Advantage to gun shows all over the state, but Connor Scott said this is his first time at the Roseburg show.

“I like doing this more than my regular job,” Connor Scott said. “It’s another lifestyle that people are blinded to. The opinions on firearms are so widespread but if you come here, it’s all nice and calm. Nothing’s ever going to happen here. If you ever want to learn about firearms, gun shows are the number one thing to go to.”

Mel Scott grew up around guns and spent time in the U.S. Army. He likes the people and the guns and said it’s what he’s always been into.

“It’s kind of a way of expressing your Second Amendment right,” Mel Scott said. “It’s something we’ve got to have. None of the guns are jumping off the table and shooting anybody.”

The show was sponsored by the Roseburg Rod and Gun Club and continues Sunday.

The event happens every year in February and September. President Kerry Boak said he was worried people wouldn’t come out with the winter storm warning, but he was pleased with the crowd on Saturday.

“People tend to come out and just be entertained and look for good deals or find new products and new safety items, see what’s available as far as training and education,” Boak said. “That’s basically what our club is about, making sure that people can exercise their second amendment rights safely.”

Associated Buyers took up 12 tables in the back of Douglas Hall.

“It’s more or less for advertisement,” employee Brandy Campbell said. “A lot of people see that we’re a pawn shop and assume we don’t sell guns. It gives everybody a chance to see who we are.”

Max Lichtenstein, who lives near Elkton, said he comes from the experience and the opportunity to get to see some of his friends while he buys, sells and trades from his personal collection. He said still follows state laws and calls the Oregon State Police for a validation on each person he sells a gun to.

“It’s a good hobby,” Lichtenstein said. “It’s something to do. People who come out are normally pretty good. You make all your friends in this process.”

Kurt Saylor from Azalea stopped at Lichtenstein’s booth. Saylor knows Lichtenstein through coming to the show for about 30 years.

“This is the best event of the year,” Saylor said. “Roseburg Gun Club does a really good job of setting everything up and getting vendors from all over. It’s a social event. Thank God we live in Douglas County.”

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Yes. Thank God we live in Douglas County.

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