After more than 20 years of selling pizza out of trailer, the owners of The Little Pizza Paradise scrapped the trailer and moved the pizza oven into a permanent building across the highway in Glide.

Owners Barry and Jacki Hayes bought the pizza trailer in 2018 but the trailer was created in 1994.

“We kind of took the ball and ran with it and advanced into the restaurant,” Barry Hayes said. “The first owners I guess rebuilt the trailer, they tore off one side and put a big deck pizza oven in there and then put it back together. We took it out of the trailer and put it in this kitchen.”

They kept the pizza oven and with the new building at 2001 Glide Loop, were able to add a convection oven and a proofer so they can add a variety of things to their menu.

“When we bought the place, I told him then that the trailer was so old that we needed to either one, replace it with a new trailer, or two, I wanted this building that was empty,” Jacki Hayes said. “This building was so empty for so long.”

The couple ran the trailer full-time while Barry Hayes still worked for the U.S. Post Office in Roseburg part time. Hayes found out the person who owned the building lived on his mail route, so he took the initiative and knocked on her door.

“So I went up to her door and said ‘Hey, I hear you own that building in Glide,’” Barry Hayes said. “She goes, ‘Yeah, do you want it?’ ‘Yeah, of course.’ So we worked out a deal. Just like that. She really helped us out in the process.”

The building was built in 1954 as a gas station and went through a few different iterations of gas stations, an art bistro, a sporting goods store and a hunting store before the Hayes purchased it.

They opened on Feb 22.

Barry Hayes has wanted to own his own pizza parlor since he was 19 years old and got his culinary degree and Jacki Hayes was basically raised in restaurants. Barry Hayes said the Little Pizza Paradise is a dream come true for them.

“It’s going pretty well,” Barry Hayes said. “We’ve had a huge response from the people and we had a little bit of a following from the trailer over there and we’ve gained a lot more customers even since then.”

While they hope to hire some people eventually, it’s a fully family-owned and operated business with their two daughters.

“If it wasn’t for the trailer, we probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it in the first place,” Jacki Hayes said. “The price of the trailer was so low because the trailer was so old. We basically paid for the oven and we didn’t have all the overhead costs.”

Now they’ve applied for their Oregon Liquor Control Commission license and have added baked goods. They use their lifelong experiences working in restaurants to think outside of the box and their native Oregonian heritage to think locally by buying gluten-free pizza made in Roseburg and local supplies as much as possible.

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Janelle Polcyn is the business reporter at The News-Review, graduated from the University of Texas, and is a podcast enthusiast.

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