A team labors to salvage building materials from the former Loggers Tap House restaurant for Habitat For Humanity in Roseburg on Thursday. The structure will be demolished to make way for a new Chipotle restaurant.

After recently vacating its longtime location in the Roseburg Marketplace, the owner of Loggers Tap House recently announced the new location for its Roseburg restaurant.

Owner Sam Gross told News Radio 93-9 FM and 1240 KQEN that the Loggers Tap House will be located in the back unit of a building in the 1800 block of Northeast Stephens Street. The front section of the building is occupied by a Redbarn Dispensary, 1810 NE Stephens St. Gross said the building will have a large outdoor deck and room for two food carts outside as well. Gross said the entrance will be on the west side of the building.

An earlier release said the goal is to be open at the new location by May 1.

Gross opened a second Tap House in Winston in September.

Gross has also announced plans to open another eatery he plans to build from the ground up on six acres of land he bought overlooking the Winchester Dam on the North Umpqua River.

He plans to develop the venture in phases. Phase 1 will consist of a steel-frame building on the edge of the cliff by the dam, with Loggers Tap House and a bar inside, and as many as eight food trucks outside. Phase 1 will cover more than 7,000 square feet.

Phase 2 calls for enlarging the building and putting nine restaurants and a bar inside, all sharing the same space.

Loggers Tap House closed its doors at the Roseburg Marketplace on March 27.

Pending all necessary approvals, the move is expected to make way for a new Chipotle Mexican Grill. John Lazur, associate planner with the Roseburg Community Development Department, said the application was filed March 2. Developers plan to demolish the existing building and construct a 2,325 square foot outlet. The site plan calls for a drive-thru and 300 square feet of outdoor seating area.

Editor’s note: Scott Carroll contributed to this story.

Kyle Bailey is the news director for News Radio 93-9 FM and 1240 KQEN.

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(4) comments

david wright

seems like a great location to catch a buzz , beer and a bite


Congrats to Loggers!

I'm half a bubble off topic, but does anyone have any insight as to what's happening with the Winco build?


Have you seen this article? It's the most current one I can find, note the date: https://worldtelphil.com/winco-in-n-out-update-new-reception-center-business/

SafeStreets Roseburg has given their opinion on traffic/pedestrian issues: https://www.safestreetsroseburg.com


I wrote WinCo with an inquiry as to "what's happening here?" The first reply was polite corporate boilerplate (think several words without saying anything of value), claiming no knowledge, which prompted me to write back. This was the second reply:

From WinCo 4/6/2020: Thank you for the continued communication and for sending over those additional details. The list of new projects maintained by our Customer Engagement Group here at the Corporate Offices is comprised of stores that are confirmed and have a projected opening time frame. While our new store team has looked into Roseburg as an area of interest, and is always looking for new places to call home, at this point it is not on our list with any public details.

If and when the time comes, we will certainly make an announcement locally, on Our Official Facebook Page, and on our website www.WincoFoods.com. We appreciate your support and hope to someday have the honor of opening one of our employee owned stores in your community.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/winco.official.page

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