When Dustin Bauer or Scott Locke receive a service call, they have their tow truck loaded and they hurry to get people out of dangerous situations whether they are stranded on the freeway, have a flat tire on the side of a country road, or are upside-down in a ditch.

Bauer started Mayhem Towing and Transportation with a single truck in his driveway in Myrtle Creek a year and a half ago. Two months ago, he called his brother, Locke, back from California to help him expand the business in the new lot at 1351 SE Stephens St., Roseburg.

“We’re seeing to it that our customers are safe,” Locke said. “Most tow truck companies won’t come get you because you’re off down in a canyon somewhere on a dirt road. We thrive on that. We get paid to play. We enjoy it. We don’t care where you are, we’ll come get you.”

When the two go out on a call, they keep their families in mind when they consider their safety and the safety of their customers.

“If I get a phone call and somebody’s sitting on the freeway, that could be my wife, my mom, my grandmother, my father, anybody,” Bauer said. “I want to get out there and make sure they are not sitting on the side of the freeway in danger, get them off, get them safe. I know, being a tow truck driver is a very dangerous job.”

Bauer is the third generation of his family in the towing business and Locke is the fourth.

“It’s a passion really,” Locke said. “Being in cars forever, you get to the point where you don’t want to mess with anything else.”

Both Bauer and Locke hope to be able to pass the company down to their sons, some of whom have already expressed their desire to follow in their fathers’ footsteps.

“We’re trying to build something we can set down and hand to our boys when it’s all over,” Locke said.

Bauer said the name of the company is sort of related to the AllState commercials with the “mayhem” character who represents accidents that happen to drivers and their cars.

“When stuff happens to cars, that’s mayhem,” Bauer said. “That’s our passion is cars, so why not be the one to come get them.”

The business partners are working on getting a contract with the Oregon State Police which will add them to the rotation of tow truck companies called and they are working to add insurance towing.

Bauer wants Mayhem to be the tow company in Roseburg and is hoping to have at least six tow trucks as well as service trucks and wreckers. Tow trucks can cost anywhere from $10,000 used to $120,000 new.

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