Joshua Myers donned a hard hat to break ground on the new location for Myers Family Dentistry. He had a groundbreaking ceremony with his staff and the people involved in the construction on Friday.

Putting the shovel to the dirt was a dream three years in the making for Joshua Myers. He’s owned the land on the edge of Winston since 2016 and has been waiting for everything to fall into place so he could build a new dentist office.

Myers said the new building is an outcome of the economic growth in Winston he’s seen since he bought the practice in 2015 and started Myers Family Dentistry. He is currently in a rented space at 90 NW Glenhart Ave.

“It feels good to actually be doing something productive on it, not just paying it down, paying the taxes on it,” Myers said. “Even though it’s a little bit louder with the road there, the view is so nice and it feels more relaxing to be out here.”

It’s always been Myers dream to practice dentistry in a small town, and he said he is really happy to have Winston fulfill that dream. His banker, Charley Thompson from Oregon Pacific Bank, supported Myers dream at the groundbreaking ceremony, along with the engineer, construction company, city officials, his staff and his family.

“I appreciate Joshua’s tenacity and faith in getting the thing done,” Thompson said. “Winston is lucky to have Joshua and Tirzah and the kids. To see a professional move here, they add a dimension to a community, they bring stability, most of them are well educated.”

Myers’ office manager, Michelle Wilson, came with the rest of the staff. She’s been working with Myers for about a year and a half and she said the new building is evidence of the company’s growth.

“I think it’s going to be a good change for us,” Wilson said. “We’re going to be a better location and there will be more visibility. We’re outgrowing our office. We’ve grown pretty steadily. The great thing about how we’ve grown is it’s been mostly word of mouth. I think that says a lot for the doctor.”

Myers is excited to be in a more permanent place in the community and to continue giving back. He’s just a block away from Wildlife Safari and he said he’d like to partner with the organization. He already has a larger than life-size elk to go with the safari theme throughout Winston.

“Eventually we’ll bring our elk over here,” Myers said.

The new building is at 299 NE Main St. and Myers expects it to be finished next summer.

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