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Redbarn Dispensary supervisor Cynthia Miller works at the Myrtle Creek dispensary in 2017.

Redbarn Dispensary has outgrown its space in Myrtle Creek and is adding another location in Roseburg this month.

General Manager Martijn Wagner said expansion was always part of the plan since the dispensary opened in 2017.

“Redbarn is looking to grow,” Wagner said. “We’ve been doing very very well in Myrtle Creek and the plan from the beginning was to expand and become one of the premier purveyors of cannabis products in Oregon.”

The Roseburg location was approved by the city to open at 1810 NE Stephens St. The location met all of the city ordinances regarding marijuana businesses including the buffer requirements for distances from schools, residential areas and other marijuana dispensaries.

“It will be the largest dispensary in Douglas County, and probably the nicest,” Wagner said. “The owners have gone above and beyond to make it a very warm and inviting and welcoming place.”

Wagner said the location will have the same indicas, hybrids, sativas and other cannabis products that are available in the Myrtle Creek location.

“Which is one of the things we pride ourselves on,” Wagner said.

Despite reports of cannabis being overabundant in Oregon, owner Roland Todd Theiss is expanding. He could not be reached for comment.

“It hasn’t changed how we do business here at this dispensary,” Wagner said. “We hope that Douglas County is ready because it’s going to be the nicest dispensary they’ve ever had the pleasure of going to.”

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THC got called out & he throws it back on me. LOL! I just LOVE messing with you.


Why the News-Review continues to allow your purveyance for "lack of content" to this forum, is beyond comprehension. Unless of course, you are a member of their staff. What say it N-R Editor...are you going to continue to allow bohica13 (this TROLL) to continue with this nonsense??


And nothing says "WELCOME" like homeless campsites and people sleeping on the sidewalks.




"A liquor store, houses of ill repute, and dope shop on every street corner..." Nothing say ghetto and promotes tourism better than that environment in a city. Roseburg at one time was very inviting and welcoming... ;-)


It wasn't very "INVITING" to black people. Your reference to a "Ghetto" infers liquor stores, wh..re houses, and drug houses can ONLY be found in black neighborhoods . Looks like racism is alive and well in "Welcoming" Roseburg as long as people like YOU still live here.


The term "ghetto" has nothing to do with race. Only someone calling other people racist would start another stupid arguement about racism over a word. I think the person was stating an opinion about how they feel that drug dealers (dispensaries) and liquor stores on every corner makes Roseburg more ghetto like. Nobody said anything about race until you.


@Bj...Thanks. Boy13... has a challenge with comprehension and stayin' on track sometimes. It's amazing, in this day and age, how many people do not know the meaning of racism. This really does a disservice to all races of people. Case in point...[in a recent report] the clown (actor) who paid for and staged a racially motivated hate crime in sub-zero weather...I hope they prosecute his behind to the fullest. His actions lessened the true nature of racism... Boy13's use of the word does the same.


Look up the definition of GHETTO, and get back with me.

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